ALLIANCE Jérôme Rivière has specified that he will become vice-president and spokesperson for Éric Zemmour's Reconquête party

Présidentielle 2022: L’eurodé puté RN Jérôme Rivière joins Eric Zemmour

Jérôme Rivière, deputy RN, on October 2, 2019 in Brussels. — AFP

The MEP of the National Rally Jérôme Rivière, who was one of the spokespersons for the presidential campaign of Marine Le Pen, joined the team of the other extreme candidate. me right Éric Zemmour, announced; the interested party at Parisien, this Wednesday evening.

“”I have chosen to support Éric Zemmour”, Jérôme Rivière told the daily . “Marine Le Pen is not in a position to win the presidential election.

A “very embittered profile”

The elected official specifies that he will become vice-president and spokesperson for the ReconquÊte party ofÉric Zemmour, like the deputy. ex-LR Guillaume Peltier, who also joined; the former columnist. Jérôme Rivière says he resigned of the RN and his position as head of the RN delegation within the Identity group; and Democracy in the European Parliament. This departure is part of the “vicissitudes” of a campaign, it was a “very embittered profile”, says Marine Le Pen’s entourage.

Former Member of Parliament UMP des Alpes-Maritimes, Jérôme Rivière was also a member of the national office (extended direction) of the RN. He was Marine Le Pen's campaign spokesperson for the foreign press. &Acute;ric Zemmour, currently down in the polls behind the RN candidate, “ considerable enthusiasm and made a courageous choice. I have a duty to make one too,” believes the MEP.

A friend of Steve Bannon

Jérôme Rivière says he does not believe “that”ric Zemmour is brutal,” as Marine Le Pen claims. “He is sometimes radical because he poses political terms in a crude way, but in no way brutal. He has this ability. gathering that Marine Le Pen does not have. He can do what he calls “the union of the rights” between conservatives and populists”.

Our file on Eric Zemmour

Jér&ocirc Me Rivière had traveled to the United States several times for the RN, including to follow the last days of Donald Trump's campaign in 2020. He knows his former adviser, Steve Bannon, well. He was one of the RN officials who had relayed; on social networks the accusations of fraud by Donald Trump, who considers that his Democratic rivals “stole him” the US presidential election.