PRIMARY Xavier Bertrand and Michel Barnier were the surprise elimination of the first round on Thursday

 Presidentielle 2022: Val & eacute; rie P & eacute; is the candidate ; signed by Les R & eacute; publicains

Valerie Pécresse qualified for the 2nd round of the LR primary. – Gabrielle CEZARD/SIPA

And it is finally Val & eacute; rie P & eacute; cresse who was & eacute; Designated by LR activists as the next candidate of the Republicans for the presidential election of April 2022. The president of Ile de France, favorite with her liberal and firm line, won ; 60.95% of the votes against 39.05% for the very right-handed deputy des Alpes-Maritimes.

It will have the heavy task of bringing & agrave; the victory a right eliminated from the first round in 2017. & nbsp; Val & eacute; rie P & eacute; cresse was the favorite against & agrave; Eric Ciotti, challenger arrived & oacute; in the first round. & nbsp; Christian Jacob, the president of the party who announced this result. & nbsp;

The ballot, open Friday & agrave; 8 hours, was closed this & nbsp; Saturday & agrave; 2 p.m. As for the first round, the matter vote was surrounded strict security measures, and computers were put in place. disposition of the members in the majority; f & eacute; d & eacute; rations. & nbsp; At 10 am Saturday morning, 76.6% of the 140,000 members called & nbsp; vote, they had voted for this second round.

Surprises in the first round on Thursday

The first round, which promises to be tight, was rich in surprises since he saw Eric Ciotti grab first place (25.6% of the vote) while the two heavyweights Xavier Bertrand and Michel Barnier were narrowly eliminated. & nbsp;

Val & eacute; P & eacute; cresse qualified with 25% of the vote, a few hundred votes behind her competitor. & nbsp; Having very quickly received the support of her unhappy rivals, carrying a lineage considered more unifying, she appeared to be much like the favorite. & nbsp; During a clear, deliberately reduced in-between round her shortest duration to avoid fatal failures, the candidate has according to her registered team. the rallying of 170 parliamentarians.