Press review: the Russians transferred on bread and yogurt

PHOTO : MIR / Nicholas kostyushin


“MIR 24” offers an overview of the most important issues in the Commonwealth of news on Friday, June 14.

Imams of Kyrgyzstan is obliged to register marriages, the newspaper “Vecherniy Bishkek”. The clergy will make in their logs information about executed ceremonies “Nike” is a Muslim wedding. Now the couple, who plan to hold the ritual, will be required to present a passport. It is necessary that the Imam could be sure of the age of the spouses. Legal force wedding in the mosque will not have, as before, all the imams will advise newlyweds to register their marriage in state agencies.

The interior Ministry has proposed to change the method of test for alcohol and drugs of drivers in place. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Motorists may will not only have to breathe into a tube, but also to carry out language on a special testing strip. This will allow for a few minutes to learn on the smear, is there any drugs in the body or not. The draft amendments put to a public vote.

In Belarus, life expectancy want to increase to 80 years. The secret of longevity on their pages reveals the newspaper “Belarus today”. The emphasis in the new sotsprogrammy do on the quality of health care. According to the head of the Ministry of health, advances in cardiac surgery and arthroplasty have reduced the mortality rate in the country. Now the average life expectancy in the Republic is higher than 74.

In Russia will change the minimum consumer basket. Learned how to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the diet of the citizens and the need to change feed is not nutritious and healthy foods, are sure experts of the Ministry of labor. Intend to reduce the share of potatoes, bread and sugar, and to increase the proportion of dairy products, fish, vegetables and fruits.