Pretty skewers

Coquettes brochettes

Gather a variety of foods that will blend well and may even surprise, and then cook them in a row on the grill before the devour, such is the art of concocting skewers.


With their nine short pin creating the shape of a zigzag, these four skewers stainless steel BBQ Croc, which are not likely to roll onto the grid, offering an original way of grilling and present a meal like this summer. In addition, at the time of serving, remove the
ingredients will be a breeze. > 19,99 $

To cart

Don’t lose any tasty morsel of your meal in the grid
barbecue, by an applicant prior to your skewers within these two baskets, kebab non-stick Mr. Bar-B-Q with bamboo handle. Meats and vegetables are safe and move around without having to worry
get the perfect cooking. > 29,98 $

Doubly strong

Strung out on these four skewers made of stainless steel Broil King, pieces of meat, cubes of cheese and vegetables are
firmly on two pins. These are easy to
return due to their handle
oversized. We expect that you will be able to eat these delicious brochettes, whole, without leaving a piece on the grid. > 21,99 $

On a tray

The whole rotating stainless steel Napoleon includes a tray that elevates the skewers, in order to promote the circulation of the heat and obtaining a more even cooking. Simply push or pull the handles in bakelite, which remain cool and out of the grill, to rotate the skewers and baste the food. > 99,99 $

Creations, flexible

Add whimsy to your grill and on your plate by creating kabobs, varied from 76 cm in length, with these four flexible prongs Outset stainless steel. Imagine all the products that you will be able to align, then grill on all sides. Your creations will certainly be talking. > 22,99 $ all

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