Price would be joining Roy in the history of the CH

Price pourrait rejoindre Roy dans l'histoire du CH

BROSSARD — Claude Julien has kept the door open by announcing that Carey Price will be “probably” the custodian of the Canadian, Saturday in Ottawa. If it is confirmed, he will have the opportunity to continue its growth in the book of records of the team.

Two milestones are within the reach of the keeper; the one of which he was aware, the other that he was completely unaware. If Price plays and comes to the end of the Senators, he will then sign the 289th victory of his career. This will allow him to join Patrick Roy as the second largest in Canada. The leader is Jacques Plante, with 314 wins.

“It would be pretty cool. It is a statistic of which I can be very proud of. I’ve played with a lot of great hockey players and good teams during my career. It has helped me to get where I am. There are a lot of people that are passed in my life and who have supported me. I am very grateful to them.

“When I was young, I dreamed to be like Patrick. To me be made as far in my career, it is something that makes me proud,” he later said.

Price remembers very well his first victory on 10 October 2007. The guardian, at the age of 20 years and 55 days, had stopped 26 pucks in a gain of 3-2, at Mellon Arena, former home of the Pittsburgh Penguins. “It seems to me that it’s been an eternity, but it is certainly one of the most memorable moments.”

75 minutes of Plant

By the way, if Price goes to 60 minutes on the ice at the Centre Canadian Tire, it will total then 33 209 minutes of play in the regular season. He will remain that 15 of the flow to pass in front of a Plant with a first rank in the history of the Canadian. It is a tour de force that it may achieve on Tuesday night at the Bell Centre, during the visit of the Calgary Flames.

“Really? I didn’t know,” admitted Price. I’ve never really been focused on the statistics, on the numbers. I begin the second half of my career. The more I advance in age, the better I take care of myself. In fact, I’m starting to feel better.”

In the meantime to continue its growth in the annals of Canadian, Price could face Saturday night, a team that surprises as much as his own. “Their situation is similar to ours because the expectations were not very high in the beginning of the season. We will have to prepare to face a team enthusiastic. It seems like they always play well against us.”

According to Claude Julien, the Senators form a competitive team. “This is a team that is able to score goals. I know that currently, they are blamed a little bit their defensive play. But they are young and from what I’ve seen, they have earned their wins against Dallas and Los Angeles.

“When you have no pressure, everything that you do, is that you play with a lot of confidence. This is what they’re currently doing.”


The 1002e of Plekanec wait

Tomas Plekanec has had to wait for ten days before you meet and exceed the plateau of 1,000 career games in the NHL. However, this is not tomorrow that it will play its 1002e match. The veteran centre player suffers from a low back injury. “It happened during the last game. The more the game wore on, the more he felt pain in the back.

He was able to finish. His situation may keep it away for at least a few weeks”, explained the head coach of the Canadian.

The situation surrounding Plekanec could lead to a game of musical chairs in regards to the injured list, since Nicolas Deslauriers has received the green light from doctors to return to the game. He has not played since the first game out of the contest, September 17, against the Devils. He had suffered a fracture to the face after his fight against Brandon Baddock. If it is inserted in the formation on Saturday, it will be with a helmet with a grid, a tool he will probably use it for about a month, he says. (Canadian press)