Prices on the Ukrainian seed will grow in January-February

Цены на украинскую семечку вырастут в январе-феврале

Sunflower prices will rise next year. The main factor is the rising cost of palm oil and soybeans. About this a correspondent of IA “Infoindustriya” said analyst Elena Neroba.

The world price of palm oil is constantly increasing, its reserves are reduced. “Soybeans are also expensive. Most likely in Chile, 17 November will be the signing of the documents for the second phase of the trade agreement between China and America. This keeps the soy afloat. So far, all took the position, but no one sells. And the price of soybeans kept fairly stable — both physical and futures market”, — explained Neroba.

Consumers are of three main types of oil intersect in India and China, so they are very easy to “switch” between soybeans and sunflower. “Soya — expensive, so increasing interest in the sunflower, they come for the cheaper sunflower oil”. It will happen, most likely in January-March next year.

Inside Ukraine’s refining capacity is not fully loaded. Therefore the competition between producers for seed, predicts analyst.

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