Prince Harry gave up Smoking and took up health for the sake of Meghan Markle and future children

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

According to media reports, Prince Harry has quit Smoking at the urging of Megan Markle, wedding which is scheduled for may. The former actress was able to persuade the groom to give up your favorite cigarettes and alcohol — at least until she gets pregnant.

One of the reasons why she (Meghan Markle. — Approx. ed.) made him to quit Smoking, is that Smoking negatively affects sperm quality.

— said a source close to the Royal family and added:

Among friends it is no secret that they want as soon as possible to create a family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It turns out that this is not the only change in the habits of the Prince, the insider claims that in December Harry has returned to training and began to follow the diet. The first success was not long in coming: he managed to lose five pounds and get closer to the physical form he possessed while serving in the army. Rumor has it that the king’s grandson even bought a membership in a private fitness club in Chelsea.

For sure, Megan was satisfied with how seriously their health, Prince Harry, because she has admitted that she loves to keep in shape and goes Jogging to clear my mind. Eating the Prince’s bride too strict: in her fridge mostly you can find hummus, carrot, green smoothies, almond milk, and a pudding of Chia seeds.

Let’s hope that today’s visit of the future spouses to the pub during a mini tour of UK was not a reason for failure with the diet.

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