Prince William prefers his motorcade cars Toyota

Принц Уильям предпочитает для своего кортежа автомобили Toyota

Prince William is the British heir to the throne, moves to the accompaniment of a large amount of protection. And the Prince does not change his principles even during foreign trips and visits. Thus, there is always surrounded by a large number of people that perform their job duties.

As car motorcade Prince prefers to use a car the largest car manufacturer Toyota.

In total, William has motorcade of nine cars. At the same time, eight of them this SUV Land Crusier different years of release and one Range Rover, developed under the individual order and with the additional protection of the body.
According to representatives of the British Consulate, the Prince is always very carefully in choosing cars that are in his motorcade. William is confident that the issue of security needs to be thought out fully, and therefore all cars must meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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