Prior to the meeting in Paris IMF seriously warned Zelensky

It should be regarded call the Director of the Fund

Накануне встречи в Париже МВФ серьезно предупредил Зеленского

What the IMF called Zelensky?

It is noteworthy that all the experts, as one, felt the call of the IMF managing Director K. Georgieva Zelensky -was public support for him ahead of the meeting with Putin. The IMF reported that the principal agreement has been reached on Ukraine, the allocation of 5.5 billion dollars in three years!

I think this is a wrong assessment. Rather , it is a fundamentally wrong assessment! The IMF does not help Zelensky , and seriously warns him before the meeting with Putin.

The IMF is very excited and angered that the massive , widespread and ugly attack , which is staged Kolomoisky, and partly opsi – the government and the NBU , as well as shameful silence and passivity Zelensky in this matter. It came down to the fact that the NBU Council acknowledged the activities of the NBU Board poor! A national Bank is the brainchild of the IMF and with him carries out a coordinated monetary policy. Therefore, the IMF called Zelensky and at the end of the conversation has issued an official statement. (…/PR19446-Statement-by-the-IMF-Managing…) .

In the first part of the message of the IMF praises the government for the progress made in implementing reforms and expressed readiness to support the government with the help of new loan programs .The IMF transparently indicates Zelensky that he fully supports Smoliy, Rozhkov , Markarova, Goncharuk, KOBOLEV, Vitrenko and not give their offense, no matter how mad Kolomoisky.

In addition, Zelensky said that the IMF stands ready to provide the following credit, but only if the previously executed action (a set of prior actions) it is clear that we are talking about the adoption of the law banning the return of PrivatBank Kolomoisky..

Finally, in the concluding part of the official reports of the IMF Zelensky warn that it needs to suppress the selfish economic interests( hint Kolomoisky!) and return to Ukraine stolen taxpayers ‘ money( again, about Kolomoisky).

The IMF and the West in General don’t trust Zelensky , they do not know the goals Zelensky, this” thing in itself”. The West understands that Zelensky to be in a certain dependence on Kolomoisky and can go at it on occasion . In particular , to break off relations with the IMF and try to improve relations with Putin. Therefore, the IMF felt it necessary prior to the meeting in Paris with Putin, a serious warning Zelensky. That’s the interpretation of the call of the IMF will be correct.

Well, I have to reiterate what I keep saying since the inauguration Zelensky that he made the whole country hostage to his special relationship with Kolomoisky, which will lead himself Zelensky and the whole country to big trouble.

Golovachev Andrei
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