Pristayko called the alternative to the Minsk agreements

Пристайко назвал альтернативу минским договоренностям

The head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Vadim pristayko said that the Ministry has thought through the alternative to the Minsk agreements. If the latter does not produce the desired result, it will be possible to use option number two. We are talking about the peacekeeping operations (referring to the UN peacekeeping mission) .

The foreign Ministry is “folder option two, if option one doesn’t work.” According to Pristayko, the implementation of the second option would be relevant to the background of the failure of the first Minsk. Moreover, that such operation is not available “Minsk”.”I didn’t say anything “antimessage”, on the contrary, leaders have long been discussing the possibility of changes, which include the possibility of a peacekeeping mission,” said Pristayko in an interview with RBC.

Does not preclude the Minister and the transition to the third embodiment. He admits that Russia could block on the UN security Council on this mission. But because Pristayko said that in the reserve, there are several options.

Recall that in mid-October Pristayko made a very strange and illogical statement at a press conference in Brussels. To justify approval of the formula Steinmeier and following it later he announced had only this alternative – mobilization that will require a huge increase in spending on the army. Pristayko said that I have to take away the one-third of salaries and pensions…

As of the 7th of October Pristayko in the air on freedom of speech said that we have to choose from three scenarios of development of situation in Donbas: to negotiate within the framework of the Minsk agreements, to waste time or Cypriot script.

The Cyprus scenario is the complete freezing of the situation On the peacekeepers, there is no hope: “the World is not ready” (words Pristayko). Accordingly supposedly there are three versions of events: Minsk-Staniewski, war and the freezing war in the Donbass.

But do not have to be Einstein to understand that in fact, Ukraine has only one option – latest: blanking or freezing of the Cypriot scheme. (Recall, the Northern part of Cyprus occupied by Turkey, which does not prevent southern Cyprus, as a member of the EU and to be one of the main offshore zones in the world.)

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