Pristayko invited the OSCE to monitor the border with Russia

Пристайко предложил ОБСЕ совместно контролировать границу с Россией

Vadim Pristayko. Illustration Of UKRINFORM
In Kiev continue to come up with various “additions” to the Minsk agreements. Special attention in pregenome is the implementation of the agreements.

With a new initiative in this regard was made by the Minister of foreign Affairs Square Vadim pristayko. According to BBC-Ukraine, he suggested that before the elections in the “occupied territories of Donbass” control over border with Russia to carry out together with the monitoring mission of the OSCE.

The Minister recalled President Vladimir Zelensky, that to hold elections without border controls is unacceptable. While Pristayko said a strange phrase that “not to be confused with the Ukrainian control of the border and border control”.

As the head of the foreign Ministry, during the talks to reach agreement on joint control on the part of Ukraine and the OSCE. He stressed that this is not what Ukraine wants, but this is the first step to ensure that the border is controlled by someone other than the Russians.

“You know that in Ukraine there are two missions — one of the OSCE SMM, but there is still the observation mission, which is two crossing points between Ukraine and Russia at the border. Here’s one idea was to expand this mission to all 400 kilometers of the border through technical means, drones, cameras,” said Pristayko.Note that for reasoning about the OSCE, the drones and cameras, completely overlooked the main point. The Minsk agreement as “the formula Steinmeier” clearly establish that the issue of border control is solved in the least. The first election, the special status of the breakaway territories, Amnesty and exchange of prisoners “all for all”. And only then — the border.

Once again confirming the thesis about the unacceptability of elections LDNR no Ukrainian control over the Russian border, Kiev actually puts an end to the peace process in the Donbass.

As for Mr. Prystayko, it is not the first time makes a strange statement. Previously, Colossal reported that the head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister complained that Ukraine had to perform “quite painful for society conditions” for a summit “channel four”.

It was about divorce forces in Petrovsky (DNI) and Gold (LC), which was a long time to be without conditions and “painful” effort, according to the Minsk agreements.

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