Pristayko: Russia does not understand “red lines”

Пристайко: Россия не понимает "красных линий"

The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko

The Minister has acknowledged that Russia remains steadfast in its positions at negotiations on conflict settlement on Donbass.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko said the immutability of Russia’s position in the negotiations after the change of power in Ukraine, writes on Monday, December 16, UNIAN. According to him, the Kremlin wants their position changed Ukraine. “I don’t think Russia realized that there is a “red line” that Ukraine will never move. I think that the Russian side is trying to understand it now. After all, if she understood, and rhetoric of conversation and the results would be a little bit more. Today I see that the Russian side remains in the same position that I saw the last five and a half years… At the moment no changes. We all hoped that the Russian side will understand civilized pressure applied by our partners, the sanctions. However, obviously, Moscow is demonstrating that political changes she did not expect. That is, not ready for these changes. This applies, as you can see, the statements that Russia, like France and Germany, the only party that is trying to help solve the “war” and so on. All this old rhetoric… We were counting on a certain understanding. In Ukraine changed the political situation, which even in theory can not talk about some mythical “Ukrainian fascists”, “Nazis”, which allegedly seized power in Ukraine. Obviously, if our country is already the second time passes through democratic elections, “Nazis” did not come to power, I would have hoped that Russia will adapt to this reality. But no. She probably hopes that there’s still a place for Ukraine has changed the position”, – said the Minister. Also Pristayko noted that the Ukrainian side is trying to move those already sushestvuet paths that were taken before the advent of the new government, because there are “certain things” that have been formulated and we have to conclude. We will remind, Pristayko said, as Ukraine wants to change the Minsk agreement. About the need to revise the Minsk agreements and said President Vladimir Zelensky after the summit in Paris.

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