Pristayko said about the alternative to the “Minsk agreements”

Пристайко рассказал об альтернативе "Минских договоренностей"

The idea of UN peacekeepers in the occupied areas of Donbass not sunk into oblivion. The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko said that this scenario can be used, but under one condition.

According to the foreign Minister on peacekeepers remember, if all of the Minsk agreements will be used. Talked about this Pristayko in the program “Freedom of speech with Savik Shuster”.

So the chief diplomat of Ukraine said that now he and his team are doing everything to force Moscow to comply with the terms of the Minsk agreements. If it becomes clear that the Kremlin is not going to perform none of the 10 points of the Minsk agreements, it will apply the other steps. In particular, we will revive the idea of Petro Poroshenko enter the Donbass peacekeeping mission. Also Pristayko noted that the decision to accept President Zelensky, not him.

Пристайко рассказал об альтернативе "Минских договоренностей"

Then the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that Russia itself has proposed the idea of the introduction of peacekeepers, but its implementation did not suit the Ukrainian side. Putin and representatives of the Kremlin has offered to deploy peacekeeping contingent only on the line of contact, and the Ukrainian side insists on the deployment of peacekeepers throughout the occupied areas up to the Ukrainian-Russian border.

In addition, Pristayko recalled that during the negotiations in the Normandy format was an agreement about access to the occupied territories of the red cross mission. However, representatives of this organization were not allowed. The Minister of foreign Affairs announced that they will again try to get there.

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