“PrivatBank” has launched online-secure PIN change against fraud

«ПриватБанк» запустил онлайн-систему безопасной смены ПИН-кода против мошенников

“PrivatBank” launched a new technology to protect their customers from card fraud using technology safely change the PIN for the card online.

«ПриватБанк» запустил онлайн-систему безопасной смены ПИН-кода против мошенников

As reported by the Bank, the new system will allow in the case of suspected skimming, or detecting other threats of fraud using Bank cards not to block the customer card, and instantly change the PIN code.

“If our anti-fraud system recorded the threat of skimming, that is a fraudulent copy of the data card through an ATM with a skimming overlays, the Bank instantly has blocked the customer’s card and offered to re-issue, — said the head of Antifraud “PrivatBank” Alexander Sokolov. – It is possible to protect customer funds, but it was not very easy and even problematic if the card was used, for example, abroad”.

New technology will protect the clients of PrivatBank without blocking the cards and will actually make skimming meaningless and useless.

added Alexander Sokolovsky

As noted in the Bank, change the PIN code in case of threat of skimming will make it impossible to use the data card scams. Customers will receive a message about changing PIN-code via SMS and can continue to safely use the cards without their reissuance.


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