“PrivatBank”, Sarasate and beefily: “Tug of war ghouls”

«Приватбанк», соросята и бенифилы: «Перетягивание каната упырями»

George Soros and Igor Kolomoisky. Illustration: Colossal
One of the largest financial institutions of Ukraine — “PrivatBank” — once again became the epicenter of political struggle. The oligarch Igor Kolomoisky — the former co-owner of the Bank said he soon will return, as during the reign of Peter Poroshenko , the Bank was nationalized illegally. However, the current Ukrainian government has a different opinion.

So, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, speaking at the Royal Institute of international Affairs Chatham House in London, denied the words Kolomoisky and assured that the oligarchs have no influence on the government and the President. Piquancy of the whole situation adds the fact that Kolomoisky and Goncharuk belong to different “Palace groups” at “the yard” Zelensky. If Kolomoisky is its own interests and is the leader of “the party” Benifield (benny — nickname Kolomoisky), the Secretariat is headed by “the party” “sorozat”. That is, people whose political and professional career one way or another connected with the projects of billionaire George Soros, a man who had a hand in all the color revolutions of the 21st century.In light of the political and administrative weakness of President Vladimir Zelensky, the situation around the “PrivatBank” becomes the indicator of the power struggle in Ukraine between Soros and Kolomoisky. And more globally, then it is possible to see the clash of two ideologies. Although, truth to tell, the ideology in its pure form is only for Soros. He has consistently advocated the “export of democracy” and “Western values” around the world for total domination of the Western worldview on the planet Earth and the eradication of peoples with a different Outlook and attitude. People like Mr. Goncharuk, are simply tools to achieve this goal. Billionaire by providing grants for various public projects grows its supporters (in reality, servants) in many countries of the world.

Assuming rational aspects, Alexey Goncharuk never had a chance to become Prime Minister. He had no serious managerial experience, the future Prime Minister didn’t run a big company or a large enterprise. Riding his career was that he was the head of expert-analytical center “of effective regulation Office” (BRDO), which, by the way, paid for by the European Union. But he became Prime Minister, as a wave of a magic wand. If you believe the Ukrainian media, that it Goncharuk, head of the government, insisted representatives of the US Democratic party, which, though in opposition to the White house, but has a huge impact on Kiev. In any case, some of its representatives. And Soros, as you know, is associated with the Democrats in the United States and is one of the informal leaders in fundamental liberals who 20 years ago believed that it was the “end of history”. More precisely, the so-called impending and inevitable victory of liberalism in the world, the American political scientist Francis Fukuyama.

Although the time showed that Mr Fukuyama was wrong, many liberals refuse to admit it. For Soros and others like him Ukraine is another “square” on the world chessboard, which managed to put your figure and to do re-education of the population. The purpose of this reform is to destroy the soul of the people, to replace the core values of a liberal, to change the perception of the historical past and to get people to look at the world through the Western prism. All this, of course, is not based on the Foundation of altruism. For the American and European business in Ukraine — another colony that you want to suck all the resources which still remain, for example, agricultural land.”Ideology” of Igor Kolomoisky, and all the oligarchs and most politicians, held during the reign of Leonid Kuchma, is very simple, and best of all it displays the phrase from the movie “treasure Island”, “Make money, make money, and the rest is all rubbish”. Policy for Kolomoisky is the tool to do the deal. But any ideology for these characters — no more than a smokescreen. In 2014, he funded the radical Nazis and called themselves “redobandire”. And in 2020, if it is profitable, will be to give money to the Communists and declared himself a supporter of the “Russian world”.

So, in interview to the newspaper New York Times, he said that the need to improve relations with Russia, and accused the United States that forced Ukraine to fight. And despite the fact that in 2014-m year, he was one of those who started the war with the Donbas and financed it. Just Kolomoisky to the limit cynical, and now, when his relations with the West and, in particular, with the liberals poor, begins to Express dissatisfaction in the United States. Meanwhile, during the Euromaidan protests and especially after he faithfully served the interests of Washington, because then they coincided with his own.

In General, the story of the “PrivatBank” a good demonstration of the tactics of Mr. Kolomoisky. He sucked from the Bank all the “juice” of financing their businesses. As a result, the government was forced in 2016-m to year to support the Bank, as he was the backbone, without it the banking system of Ukraine could simply crash. Of course, Petro Poroshenko was removed from the situation political dividends, he was hoping with the case of “PrivatBank” Kolomoisky how to bury a political figure, but did not. Igor was able to the presidential throne to put Zelensky. Now, using political influence, he wants to return to the Bank, even the Bank it is no longer needed, just the oligarch wants to get compensation.

Vladimir Zelensky became President, first of all, thanks to the support of two people. This is the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, to ensure a normal electoral process and thus retained his position in the new government. But even more obliged Zelensky Igor Kolomoisky, who provided financial, media, human resources for the election campaign. And when Zelensky won, it seemed that the situation Kolomoisky as the main “shareholder” of “green” power is inviolable. He managed to put at the head of the office of the President, his lawyer Andrei Bogdan. The head office of the Secretariat, the administration of President… no matter how the structure is called in Ukrainian reality, it’s a very powerful person, the head of the presidential administration often many processes can affect much more than the Prime Minister. Kolomoisky controls part of the “Servant of the people”, he managed to place his people in many serious posts. Recently, however, the power of Igor is beginning to wane. So, from the post of presidential representative in the Cabinet was dismissed person Kolomoisky Andrew Gerus. At first glance, it seems that it is not a serious post. But in unofficial games the person who is responsible for communication between the office of the President and the government, this is a quite serious face. And now this post has taken Alex Prevezentsev, the representative of the party sorozat as Prime Minister.Ukrainian media write that if a couple of months ago, the influence of Andrei Bogdan on Zelensky in domestic issues was unshakable, that he is now more competition is assistant to the President Andrey Ermak, which belongs to another court the party consisting of people personally close to Zelensky. According to rumors, that Ermak has stood up for the mayor of Kiev Vladimir Klitschko, convincing Zelensky not to withdraw from the post of head of Kyiv city administration Bogdan though all the forces demanded the resignation of the mayor, with the chief clerk have any hostile relationship. Also Ermak arranged Zelensky meeting people that do not like Bogdan.

As companies, Kolomoisky has started to buy electricity in Russia (where it’s cheaper), this caused discontent of the radicals, they accused the oligarch of treason. This fact greatly angered another oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, a major seller of electricity in Ukraine. Conflict with radicals and Akhmetov also weakens the position of Kolomoisky.

But the main problem Igor Valerievich that it causes resentment in the West. Even before the conflict with Sarasate against him openly and actively supported Rudolph Giuliani, a close person to the President of the United States Donald Trump. The nuance is that Soros is a supporter of the Democrats and Republican Rudy Giuliani are political enemies in the United States, but both do not like Kolomoisky. It is not surprising that in this respect the collective oligarch of the West against Kolomoisky are active and representatives of the International monetary Fund. The IMF mission left Kiev without signing the agreement on lending. One of the main requirements of the Fund to the Ukrainian authorities was to ensure that Kolomoisky will not get any “PrivatBank”, no compensation for him. The IMF even require that the oligarch has paid Ukraine a penalty for the “resuscitation” of the Bank. It should be noted that in addition to political background, experts from the IMF is likely driven by rational calculation. In the mind they do not have to lend to the country where there is war, where incredibly high levels of corruption and strong influence of the oligarchs, each of which attempts to bite off a little more from the state budget. It is clear that the IMF provides loans to Ukraine only under political pressure from Washington and Brussels. And then there’s Kolomoisky, who, objectively speaking, for the Directors of the IMF is not a figure, but who wants to put it in slang, to “put dibs on” state, receiving money from the Fund. It is clear that in the eyes of the heads of the IMF is audacity. In this case, the Ukrainian leadership Foundation trusts and, therefore, require the IMF to adopt a law which would have made impossible a situation where Kolomoisky will have Bank or payment.According to Ukrainian media, the second problematic issue in the relations between the IMF and the Ukrainian government is that adopted in the first reading the law “On land market” are going to propose amendments that will not allow to buy land to foreigners before the referendum. Promised himself Zelensky. Apparently, he does it because public opinion in Ukraine strongly opposed the sale of land to foreigners. According to several opinion polls, most Ukrainians live in the open land market. However, this position Zelensky is not satisfied with the IMF, it is clear that Western capital has set his sights on the last Ukrainian life. In essence for agricultural corporations in Ukraine — a kind of “Eldorado”, there is a fine black soil, cheap labor. So, the pressure on Zelensky and the government will be strengthened by the EU, USA, IMF, and international corporations. Understands and Kolomoisky, and therefore will try to squeeze the maximum political dividends from the situation.

One of the “benifical” Alexander Dubinsky said:

“Indicative of the departure of the IMF mission before the second reading of the land law aimed to force Ukraine to allow for the purchase of land by foreign companies. It is, in fact, all they need from the Ukraine, which has more and take nothing.”Himself Kolomoisky has previously said that Zelensky was advised not to pay the debt to the IMF. It is expected that in the near future antimirova rhetoric Kolomoisky and his team will increase.

At first glance, it may seem that Igor Kolomoisky is not the figure that can stand up to Soros, and more specifically, Western liberal dragon, which he represents. Too unequal resources. However, Ukraine is now reminiscent of Wonderland, where the laws of logic do not work. Kolomoisky has repeatedly proven that he can win wherever, according to any rational opinion we were supposed to lose. He is able to destabilize the situation like no other. For example, employees of enterprises Kolomoisky picketed the building of the NBU, and then even tried to break in. In addition, Kolomoisky controls the part of the ruling faction of the “Servant of the people”, the representatives of the group “benefial” has repeatedly demonstrated leadership faction of their independence, when not voting for the bills. So if you want Kolomoisky may weaken Zelensky in Parliament. Igor Kolomoisky is able to intrigue. Finally, Zelensky yet not feel very confident, and it is doubtful that you will decide to stay without the support of Kolomoisky, who, in fact, is his godfather in politics. So a new battle between “Sarasate” and “Benivieni” yet to come.All the above written can be perceived with some degree of humor, in addition to the power struggle is always fun and interesting to read. But Soros and Kolomoisky like vampires, clinging to Ukraine. One needs people’s souls and the last resources of the country, the second is ready to suck from power last juice and go to your favorite Switzerland, you have to do the same thing with “PrivatBank”, only on a larger scale. Win not one or the other Ukraine is nothing good promises. And Zelensky a doll in their hands.

Sergei Mirkin

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