Private Chinese startup has successfully launched a rocket into space

Китайский частный стартап успешно запустил в космос ракету

OneSpace, the company successfully launched into space China’s first private rocket. OS-X took off from a platform in the North-Western part of the country. The purpose of the mission is to collect data for the state aviation company AVIC, according to CNN. OneSpace often been compared to SpaceX Elon musk, at least in China.

“SpaceX was the first in the United States, we became the first in China”, commented the launch of OS-X head OneSpace. According to him, the rocket was fully designed and built in China, making it the first of its kind. However, local experts refer to such statements with skepticism.

In particular, the surprise is the timing of the development of the rocket company OneSpace was founded in 2015. Three years on creating a complex system was too short a time. In addition, the project was approximately $78 million, that is hardly a sufficient amount.

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