Problems of cats during the confinement period

Problèmes de chats pendant la période de confinement

Since mid-march, Quebecers are confined to their home and have had to adapt to a new style of life, but they are not the only ones. The cats also experience a change in their daily routines, and not always for the better.

Suddenly, several cats have seen their haven of peace be transformed into the headquarters. The whole family (or almost) at home, full-time, all the time. However, if some cats are certainly happy to be surrounded all the time of humans at their service, others are less so and will no doubt have some adjustment difficulties at this time. And this can lead to behavior problems.

Daniel Filion, speaking in feline behaviour at the head of Educhateur, has seen the number of consultation requests increase dramatically on its website ( since the beginning of the confinement . “The containment has led to a disruption of the routine, if essential for cats, and often results in more anxiety and the development of behavior problems,” he says.

Three types of problems

There would, grosso modo, three types of problems on the rise : the inappropriate disposal, the assault by irritation and meows… the night. These problems are most often related to shortcomings in the immediate environment. The cats, who were nonetheless able to compensate for these gaps in normal times are no longer able to do full containment.

Thus, some of the cats have started to eliminate outside of the litter box. “The cats are more active with the containment, eat and drink more. So they use more often the litter, ” explains the Educator. The problem is usually related to the size of the litter tray, often too small, or the location of the tray, often placed in a location far from or less accessible. Daniel Filion believes that this type of problem is rule 85 % of the time in a single consultation at a distance.

The problems of aggression, irritation are also on the rise in Educhateur. All the world is a little less tolerant, cats and humans included. Cats are more often to disturb them during their nap or achaler by the kids beyond their limits. They end up biting or clawing. Cats need to have a safe haven in the home, a place of their own where they will not be inconvenienced when they are there.

Finally, there are the cases of meow the night. My cat is, unfortunately, part of this lot and wakes us up early in the morning… The routine of everything in the world is a little upside down now, including that in the hours of sleep. Cats tend to wake up earlier and want of attention. It is important not to enter their game and access their applications, we recommend Daniel Filion. Otherwise, this will be the beginning of a big spiral without end…

Of course, every thing has an end, we see a day the time of the déconfinement. On this day, it will also be a change in the new routine of “It-mine” and it will be necessary to provide, announced today that Daniel Filion, and I promise you that we will talk about this.

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