Problems of supply: Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly buys water in Quebec city

Problèmes d’approvisionnement: Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly achète de l’eau à Québec

Struggling with water supply problems, the municipality of Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly should buy the precious liquid from Quebec City this summer.

The difficulty of supplying drinking water hard for 15 years in Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly. The wells of the municipality does not always in the summer period, ” says the mayor, Christian Richard. With the pandemic, it is even worse. “The people are at home and tend to be in charge of their outdoor design”, he explains.

The Municipality must therefore make agreements with the surrounding cities to compensate for a possible lack of water. It is done with Lotbinière, among others, and Quebec.

The capital has agreed to sell 102 to 136 cubic metres per day at a cost of $ 0.45 per cubic meter.

Saint-Antoine wants to ensure that neither its residents nor its corporate citizens are sure to water. It is also a question of safety, ” said Mr. Richard, who points out that reserves should be sufficient for the needs of the fire service.

Citizens are invited to save the resource. And this situation is likely to continue for “at least two years”, according to Christian Richard, who is said to be engaged in a “marathon” for obtaining grants to build a second well and a water treatment plant. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

The project has a “good ear” on the part of the government, but the process is a long one for this type of infrastructure. “We did our homework,” said Mr. Richard.

Reserves full

The councillor responsible for the environment in the City of Quebec, Suzanne Verrault, has assured that the capital would not be penalized by this agreement, even if it has experienced periods of restrictions of alcohol consumption in the last few weeks. “Our water reserves are full.”

“The crisis cell has finally given its approval so that we can sell to this municipality.”

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