Processed cheese have found E. coli and vegetable fats

В плавленом сыре нашли кишечную палочку и растительные жиры

Specialists Roskoshestvo found in processed cheese E. coli and vegetable fats, reported on the organization’s website.

Specialists checked the paste-like processed cheeses on the shelves of Russian stores. They purchased products of 20 brands and tested it on 70 indicators of quality and safety.

Three cheese – “Vitako”, “Nevskiy”, “Aldes” – was a fake: they contain vegetable fats. “In their phytosterol composition were detected, indicating the presence in the composition of vegetable fats, which are not mentioned in the labeling,” – said in the message. Another product of the brand “Polevskoi” found DNA of soybean (the presence of which is not specified in the labeling) and E. coli.

The cheese was not detected pesticides, antibiotics, heavy metals, toxins, nitrates and nitrites, GMOs or synthetic dyes. 16 products of non-compliances identified by the mass fraction of fat. Claims to labeling not only one of the 20 cheese.

Results of the tests on the highest rating of 4.57 points – got the trade mark “B. Y. Alexandrov”. The three leaders also “Merry milkman” and Hochland. The top ten hit “Avida”, “Syromolotov”, “Viola”, “Pereyaslavl”, “Tender summer”, President, “Karat”.

Processed cheese is produced only from fresh raw materials.