Processions and festivals: Norwegians celebrate the 205th anniversary of the Constitution

Шествия и празднества: норвежцы отмечают 205-летие Конституции

On Friday, may 17, Norway celebrates Constitution Day. In a country traditionally declared a holiday, and the citizens are ready to scale to meet the 205-year anniversary, reports the “parliamentary newspaper”.

The main document of the country was adopted in 1814 – just after Norway ceased to be a Danish province. Then she entered into Union with Sweden, the Union ceased to exist in 1905. The Constitution proclaimed hereditary limited monarchy, and the document was considered to be one of the most advanced in Europe.

A large-scale celebration for the first time in 1836. And in 1870, was the first children’s parade, which has become traditional and is held every year.

17 Norwegians may consider a special day, so do not skimp on the decoration of houses, cars and yacht flags. In addition, they take to the streets in national costumes. Take part in demonstrations, competitions and master classes. In Oslo demonstrators from his Palace demonstrators congratulates the Royal family.

Recall that in Russia celebrate Constitution Day on 12 December.