Producer Bari Alibasov was discharged from the hospital

Продюсера Бари Алибасова выписали из больницы

Producer Bari Alibasov discharged from the hospital, and after three days plan to send him to a rehabilitation in Kazakhstan, said his son Bari Alibasov Jr., reports RIA “Novosti”.

“Took him now to a secret location, but will not say what, to it now not got and not brought because it was very hard to take out from under the cameras that are on duty there,” said he.

The son of the producer added that the physical condition of the Alibasov good.

“We need to observe his condition in the esophagus, watch, heal his esophagus or will never mend,” said Bari Alibasov Jr.

According to him, within a month everything will become clear.

The man also told that three days later Alibasov on a private jet to take you to the rehabilitation home in Kazakhstan.

Recall that Bari Alibasov went to the hospital after accidentally drinking cleaning fluid for pipes. He was diagnosed with esophagus a burn of the fourth degree, burn stomach second degree and burns of the respiratory tract.

A few days ago, the son Alibasov said that the producer woke up from a drug-induced sleep, but in the next few days will be under the supervision of doctors.