Producer Natella Krapivina shared details about the relationship with LOBODA

Not just Krapivina and Loboda was on the verge of breaking a working relationship.

Продюсер Нателла Крапівіна поділилася подробицями про відносини з LOBODA

Eccentric producer Svetlana Loboda – Natella Krapivina – gave a fairly Frank interview in which he spoke about relationships and working with LOBODA, and also shared his thoughts about creativity of other stars. The most interesting read more in our article, informs Rus.Media.

For anybody not a secret that Svetlana Loboda and Natella Krapivin long-term friendship and the heyday of creative success Svetlana. Of course, many people are interested in their daily routine and secret relations. Therefore, a new interview with producer already dismantled for quote.

Natella Krapivina recently admitted that they do not treat each other almost like sisters, but even in such warm relations occur periodically creative conflicts, but they solve them in an operating mode. According to Krapivno, not all can survive such a huge success that had fallen on them. That’s why now every time they persistently discuss what should be the new hit, the clip and the concept in General.

Продюсер Нателла Крапівіна поділилася подробицями про відносини з LOBODA

“The team Queen should always be one. We were on the verge of breaking up, because sometimes maddeningly difficult to constantly comply with and be support. This does not happen absolute separation of success, though Light is a generous actor who knows how to share.”

The most common cause of quarrels – just tired. This is not surprising in this chart, even for a recent operation Loboda.

“There is no need to fear, this need to cope and overcome problems.”

Often, the Network say that for your Grand success Loboda should thank Crappy. But the producer believes that only helped her to correctly apply its already existing charm.

Продюсер Нателла Крапівіна поділилася подробицями про відносини з LOBODA

“Light never was a “Zaporozhets” it was Mercedes, but she couldn’t look at myself and needed those people who told her, because before that it prompted not the same. She couldn’t move away from the image that’s been thrust upon her Badoev and the company.”

More sensational statements, see the full version of the interview, “Empathy Manouche”.