Products gift: unsold in term of food offering to give to the needy

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Alex Verbeke


Unsold products from the stores should go to charity. This initiative was proposed by the officials. The idea is now discussed in the CPS. Whether the gift is five minutes late, understood the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Anna Purpura

The normal shelf life, but it is blown up. And this too we take.

Remains not sweet. An hour before the store opened Ahmad Djaborov looking for products with today’s date on the cover. In the trash it will be taken and unsightly goods with damaged packaging.

“It depends. Is this truck, there is not enough”, – said the employee of the grocery store Ahmad Djaborov.

But yesterday this food could be saved, say the officials. They propose a scheme: the day before the expiration date removed from stores and goods for free deliver to social enterprises.

“This is a home-orphanages, shelters, and conventional social institutions in which there is a table, that is, in hospitals and in clinics. This applies to everyone, especially perishable goods: milk, meat, and fish, and caviar. And all that only can be”, – said the Deputy Chairman of the Council on human rights under the President Evgeny Bobrov.

His idea of officials supported by the statistics. Every year goes in the trash about 30 thousand tons of worthless products. So, feeding the needy, can the planet be saved from landfill gas.

But who will pay for it, criticizing the idea entrepreneurs.

“It has cost. On what basis you gave property to someone else someone. Let it expires tomorrow, but I’m sorry: it has value, there are tax revenues. Tomorrow expires today expires, why not a week ago, why not on the day of release? Who’s gonna get it right?” said an economist, businessman Dmitry Potapenko.

It is not clear yet how to transport products. After all, five minutes late to be delivered to the addressees promptly. But most importantly – safe, whether such food? The CPS is this topic comments only in writing.

“Based on the principles of the presumption of good faith of the manufacturers and sellers of food products throughout the shelf-life is safe and can be used for its intended purpose”, – stated in the message Department.

In this bakery for seven years as they share food: to feed the needy without harm to their own pockets. Bread that is not sold out for the day, give the volunteers. But even here, considered dangerous to transfer perishable goods.

“The products that require a storage temperature, we do not share. We can’t pass on fresh salads, with cottage cheese products, confectionery products that require storage conditions”, – said marketing Director of the bakery and café Alexey Panov.

Mother of many children Karina Litvinova is a frequent participant of such shares. She has ten children, and any help is very much needed. But the safety of my family first.

“It will depend on the product. If it is chicken, it will rot. To be honest, on the shelves you can sometimes buy a chicken, which still have a shelf life of three to four days, and opens it – she’s already spoiled,” lamented the woman.

Similar schemes are already working in European countries. But there are supermarkets forced to give products with damaged packaging. And even fined for refusing.