Products that contain the female hormone of youth

Продукты, которые содержат гормон женской молодости

A woman always wants to look attractive and to be beautiful.

Продукты, которые содержат гормон женской молодости

But beauty comes from within and is first and foremost health. And on women’s health is very much affected by hormones – the content in the body hormones. One group of these is the female hormones called “estrogens”. In principle, they are in a male body, but in much smaller quantities and affect the condition of the appearance and health of men only in a situation of apparent excess.
The main action of estrogen aimed at ensuring the reproductive functions of women. Estrogen is a word that consists of two parts:

oistros — insatiable desire, passion

genes – calling.

Or another more literal translation – liveliness (brightness) + b.

If I may say so, is a hormone sexuality. And it is rounded, the Breasts and even women’s “giggle” is provided from the standpoint of physicians it is these hormones.So naturally the estrogen deficiency manifests in:

— depression and mood swings
— weight gain
— tides
— fatigue
— low self-esteem, and inattention to her appearance
— decrease in sexual desire and sensitivity.

That is why it is also called hormone of youth. While the woman feels like a woman and attractive, age doesn’t matter. But just on these grounds it is impossible to put a diagnosis – low amount of estrogen. And depression and fatigue can be the result of many other diseases. To determine the level of a hormonal background it is possible only after passing the tests.

And the doctors after the tests prescribed substitution treatment or hormone therapy. But all the confirmed and proven that artificial hormones are much stiffer and stronger than phytoestrogens – plant hormones. The main problem with hormones is that prolonged intake of artificial hormones, own a woman’s body actually stops producing (despite the fact that they were in short supply). And to fix this process after is impossible.

Phytoestrogens act much milder and not so aggressive. So that if you find yourself low estrogen level, it is better to maintain their level of consumption of foods and herbs containing plant hormones.

This is a good way to control hormones after childbirth, when a sharp drop in the number of produced estrogen causes postpartum depression and severe hair loss. There are 3 types of plant hormones with estrogenic activity: isoflavones, lignans and coumestan.
Estrogens in food:

Flax seeds.

This product is No. 1 in number of plant hormones (group lignans that possess estrogenic activity). In addition to hormonal action of the flax seed has many other benefits for women, the body properties (anticancer, detoxification, antioxidant properties…).

Is used flax seed in ground form with a large amount of liquid (like bran). It is added to cereal or eaten with honey. Medical (maximum) dose – 2 tablespoons per day.

Plant hormone contains also lignans in sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

Legumes (green peas, beans, chickpeas) and primarily soybeans, as they contain isoflavones – phytoestrogens.

But doctors increasingly say that a large amount of soybeans is not good for the body. Moreover, according to recent data 90% of soy is genetically modified.

And so I would like to highlight and add a kind of pulse crops – lentils. It’s a unique product for women: lentils contain maximum amount of protein for a plant-based product is cooked only 15-20 minutes – the lentils still contains tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, which relieves depression.



The study, which was conducted with a woman consumed per day to 500 ml coffee, showed that 90% of the surveyed level of estrogen was raised to 70%. Pay attention, because the elevated level of estrogen keeps women to lose weight in the lower abdomen, hips and thighs. So lovers of coffee who want to lose weight is to stop drinking coffee for you problem # 1.
The apricots.

Of all fruits the highest content of the hormone lignans. Can be eaten fresh or dried (dried apricots). By the way the famous people, the Hunza, who became famous for his health and longevity, apricots are a basic food throughout the year.

Is this plant hormone in the products are also of animal origin, but at the moment all doctors unequivocally agreed that use them to raise the level of hormones is undesirable.Due to the fact that all modern meat and milk is already with the additions of hormones and contains various chemicals that promote rapid growth of animals.

Estrogens are also present in the following herbs:

— sage
— hops
root jensena
— Arnica
— Daisy
— licorice root.

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