Products that is safe and even beneficial to eat at night

Продукты, которые без опаски можно и даже полезно кушать на ночь

Who doesn’t like evening meetings over a Cup of tea in front of TV or with a book in hand? It is very rarely possible to stay and something to eat. Just a real test for those who care about their figure and trying not to overeat!

The list of allowed products on the night

Dream without consequences to overeat at night? Can not imagine my life without gastronomic delights in the evenings? But despite this, you stoically deny myself these little pleasures. Do not despair, because now we will present the list of foods that you can and should eat after 18:00.+

  • Dark chocolate. Contrary to popular belief, this product is extremely favorable for evening consumption. Eat a few slices for afternoon tea is what you need.
  • Liquid soup. Ideally, the broth with a piece of chicken meat. In small portions of such treats are not only useful for evening consumption, but will also help to calm the body after a hard day.
  • Almonds. Brand dietary product, which is extremely useful for the body! Safely eat it after six in the evening.
  • Pumpkin seeds. A couple of handfuls after 18:00 will perfectly satisfy your hunger, saturate the body. In addition, the magnesium in the seeds will have a calming effect.
  • Fig. In any kind of rice is very suitable for evening dinner. Even if it was late, and you have to eat after six.

Lovers to eat on the night dedicated! Remember not to overdo it with the late eating, it is better to drink before that a glass of warm water. A pleasant evening meal!

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