Products that it is necessary to wash, so as not to risk the health

Продукты, которые нужно обязательно мыть, чтобы не рисковать здоровьем

Many of the products that we thoroughly wash, actually in this wash is not needed. At the same time, experts insist on washing that usually is not clean.

That should definitely be washed before eating fruits and vegetables, they know everything. But doctors clarify that the wash shall be subject to all plant products, without exception. Test yourself, wash you, for example, watermelons or bananas?

In addition to the mandatory cleaning, according to the experts, subject to the cans. The principle is the same as for a wash of watermelon – if you do not clean the surface dangerous microorganisms with high probability will get inside.

It’s also essential to wash the dried fruit and nuts. And the nuts should be washed, regardless of whether they are sold peeled or in the shell. The conditions in which they were stored and transported is unknown – therefore, it is preferable to wash them than to risk the health.

Dried fruits should be washed or soaked before eating, even if they were sold in the package.

In the list of foods that don’t need washing, experts included:

Eggs – they already have the protective film is formed after the anti-microbial treatment, which the product undergoes before reaching store shelves.

Mushrooms – they should just quickly rinse and blot immediately before cooking.

Meat – chicken, pork, beef, in short, any meat to wash, according to experts, it is not necessary, since the microorganisms from its surface spread with splashing water all over the kitchen. Heat treatment is enough to destroy them.


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