Products that take away our power in the summer

Продукты, которые отнимают у нас силы летом

Products that take away our power in the summer
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Picture, But jam is quite another matter!

Don’t eat a Turkey for lunch! To evening it is no good.

American nutritionists and psychologists from the University of Colorado has made a rating of the products that we pull out of vitality. And it is in hot weather. Why? Summer in the air decreases the amount of oxygen. The brain and circulatory system get less power. It becomes stuffy, and we wander listless, unable to concentrate, we have all the time sleepy. And this condition worsen quite familiar to us food and drinks. But these seem like nice products!..

1. Cognac, bitters herbs

Usually they suggest for more energy. But if it is to drink for lunch, as is the development of fluorescent hormones, with whom these drinks are friends. But if at bedtime to wave the pile, the effect will be counterproductive. Strong alcohol interacts badly with the sleep hormone melatonin that causes drowsiness that does not give rest. Night sleep even after a small amount of strong alcohol will be deep, but incomplete: the brain will lack of oxygen (because the cognac first expands and then narrows blood vessels). And the next morning you Wake up not rested and weak.

If you want to relax over dinner, it is better to drink a glass of red wine and eating cheese. In wine is the antioxidant resveratrol, which helps to relieve tension and spasms of blood vessels in cheese – the amino acid tryptophan, which facilitates sleep, says doctor-sleep Grigory Ergonomic.

2. Sweets

They quickly increase the level of glucose in the body, which then falls sharply. The person feels a loss of strength. Because if you are tired and want to eat better without the sweets and scones. It is better to eat just a piece of grain bread with olive oil. By the way, it’s the perfect way to quickly satisfy hunger, suggests dietitian, a gastroenterologist Svetlana Berezhnaya. If you have a tough day and need to be focused till the evening, do not drink coffee and tea with sugar is better than honey (it has more long-lasting carbohydrates that will maintain energy balance).

3. Turkey meat

It turns out that this useful and very diet-meat discovered proteins (special proteins) with the relaxation, i.e., relaxing effect. And eaten lunch Turkey breast may inappropriately cause an attack of drowsiness and fatigue. So it is better to cook a Turkey dinner before bedtime its properties will be.

4. Flour products

They, like sweets, lead to changes in glucose in the blood, namely, increases the sugar. Moreover, products with gluten (from flour of soft wheat and starchy) swell in the stomach, because of which we feel heavy, weak and want to lie down at least for half an hour.

5. Fried foods

Harder and longer just to digest crackling. The body has to spend on its “grinding” in the stomach too much energy, besides, fried food is irritating to the digestive tract.

By the way

Fighting fatigue and lack of energy will help products, complementary iron deficiency, spinach, apples, beets, buckwheat, beans. Rich in vitamins B1 and B12: for their bread with bran, cheese, nuts, green peas.

Продукты, которые отнимают у нас силы летом

– This portion is from gastritis, this vitamin supplements is… a Photo: Anatoly ZHDANOV


From smoothies and brew the extra pounds

Smoothies are trendy now drink a mixture of fruit, berries or vegetables, chopped in the blender. The drink is very nutritious, quickly saturates and restores power. But if you want to lose weight, ask about the ingredients often found there ice cream, cream, banana sorbet. They can easily be replaced with low-fat yogurt, yogurt or honey. One serving of this smoothie contains 150 – 200 calories, so you need to regard drink as a snack, or drink three servings at a time.

As for the favorite summer drink is kvass, the number of calories varies greatly depending on species. In homemade kvass from 25 – 27 kcal per 100 grams of the drink. And that is sold in plastic bottles and has a long shelf life, – to 40 kcal. That is, in the glass of kvass – 100 calories. In a decent sausage sandwich! Also, the dietitian Svetlana Berezhnaya said that the brew, as a natural product of fermentation, of course, very useful and rich in calcium, silicon and magnesium, but for those who have problems with digestion, it is better not to lean. It is choleretic and drink can hurt, if you have problems with the stomach or pancreas.

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