Professional immigrants trained outside of Quebec: it is necessary to act, ‘ says Couillard

Photo: Jacques Boissinot Archives The canadian Press
The prime minister Philippe Couillard

The prime minister Philippe Couillard argues for the need to” act ” in order to facilitate the integration of immigrant professionals trained outside Québec in front of the professional orders.


“When I meet people from other professions who come from elsewhere in the world, but who have been trained in a large european university, and who have in spite of everything have trouble to integrate, though it pains me. It is sad. It is the human tragedies “, he argued Thursday before noon in front of the participants of the Meeting on the access to regulated professions and employment for immigrant professionals trained outside Québec.


The ministers Stéphanie Vallée (Justice), David Heurtel (Immigration), François Blais (Employment), Gaétan Barrette (Health) and Hélène David (higher Education) will explore together with the representatives of the 46 professional orders established in Québec of new “solutions” to iron out the ” difficulties related to the recognition of skills acquired abroad “.


The “Great gathering” is a sequel to the keeping of Appointments on the national labor force (February 2017), the establishment of the inter-ministerial committee on the recognition of skills of immigrants (fall 2014), and the adoption of the Law reviewing the admission to the professions and the governance of the professional system (June 2017).


Mrs. Valley will outline new measures to promote the integration of neo-Quebecers in the labour market at the end of the work, behind closed doors, participants at the ” Great meeting “, on Thursday afternoon.

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“The message of the image, it is that we are going to work together,” said Mr. Couillard, while recalling the urgent need to act. The head of the government anticipating a shortage of skilled labour and less skilled labour has been unprecedented in Quebec. “In my mind, in Quebec it was a problem of unemployment, it was a problem of poverty, it was a problem with the public finances still out of balance. It is no longer there. We are no longer in the era where one seeks employment. It is at a time when we are looking for employees, ” said Mr. Couillard. It is also necessary to think about the Quebec, Quebec women who are already with us. Therefore, school retention, educational success, from infancy through to higher education, takes all its importance. It is simple, it can no longer afford to leave anyone aside. “


Other details will follow.