Professor Philippe Juvin accuses the government of “lies”, Gabriel Attal answers him

    Professor Philippe Juvin accuses the government of “lies”, Gabriel Attal answers him

    Face-to-face tense. Professor Philippe Juvin, emergency chief of the Georges Pompidou hospital in Paris and LR mayor of La Garenne-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), was the guest of the program “C à vous” on France 5, Thursday January 7, at the ‘occasion of the release of his book I will never betray their trust (ed. Gallimard). In this logbook, he points to the “lies” and the “errors” of the government in its management of the Covid-19 crisis. Facing him, Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, made a point of making a point and putting him face to face with his contradictions.

    “In your book you write on February 28: ‘We are not testing enough. We are going like sleepwalkers.’ And on LCI, on March 6, a week later, you say: ‘For mild forms, it is not useful to do tests’ “, notably illustrated Gabriel Attal. “On the containment, you say on March 3: ‘The containment is effective, I think we must contain, I say it publicly.’ Three days later, on LCI, you declared that ‘we cannot confine entire cities’ “, he criticized again.

    And the government spokesperson concluded: “Are you telling the truth in this book and, at that point, that means you weren’t telling the truth on the TV sets? Or are you telling the truth on the sets? television and at that point, does that mean you rewrote history a bit in your book? ” If he recognized that this crisis “was very complicated to manage”, Philippe Juvin replied to Gabriel Attal: “We must stop thinking that everything has been done well”, he insisted. And after the mess on the masks, the procrastination on vaccination shows, according to him, that “the lessons are not learned”.

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