Progress on the preparation of the summit in “Norman format” is not observed, – Putin aide

According to the presidential aide for international Affairs Yuri Ushakov said the situation settlement on Donbass “many strange”

Продвижения по подготовке саммита в "нормандском формате" не наблюдается, - помощник Путина

Yuri Ushakov,”RIA Novosti”Special promotion for the summit in “Norman format” is not observed. This was announced by the presidential aide for international Affairs Yuri Ushakov, reports TASS.

“We are somewhat concerned about the situation that has emerged after some work was carried out by political advisers to the leaders of the “Normandy format” between them, then their agreement was cemented by the decision of the contact group in Minsk,” – said Ushakov.

He added that despite the desire of the parties to hold such a meeting, the “special promotion in the context of preparation for a scheduled meeting in the “Normandy format” not observed”.Commenting on things that cause anxiety in the Kremlin, Putin aide noted the fact that after the signing of the agreed text “of the formula Steinmeier”, as well as the approval of the schedule of withdrawal of forces on the parts of the contact line at the Golden and Petrovsky in Donbass “from Kiev began to receive quite contradictory signals”.Overall, according to Ushakov, in situation settlement in Donbass “many strange”. The assistant to the Russian President stated that Moscow is ready to hold a summit, but it “must be thoroughly prepared”.Recall, October 1, Ukraine announced the agreement text, “formula Steinmeier,” in response to the letter of the special representative of the OSCE in the Trilateral contact group Martin Sajdik.

The signing of the Ukrainian side “formula Steinmeier” is a condition for Russia’s participation in the summit in “channel format”.

The implementation of the plan Steinmeier was to precede the disengagement in Donbas at three sites, which should have been followed by more large-scale breeding troops across the demarcation line.However, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov declared that Russia could not guarantee the withdrawal of forces in the Donbass, because “has no effect on ORDO”. In turn, the Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko said that the Kremlin is not interested in negotiations in the Normandy format.