Prohibition of watering and filling of swimming pools in Quebec city

Interdiction d’arrosage et de remplissage de piscines à Québec

Facing an overconsumption of water, and a heat wave has been announced for the next few days, the City of Quebec just banned the watering and the use of drinking water for purposes of cleaning or filling of swimming pools.

“At the time we speak, it may just get worse. It creates us worry”, said the mayor Labeaume, Wednesday, in the late afternoon, during a press conference virtual. The prohibition is effective immediately and until further order.

In the list of prohibitions include the washing of vehicles, cleaning of parking lots, or exterior covering, watering lawns and filling swimming pools (with the exception of the new pools). The City has also stopped the cleaning of the parking lots after the completion of one of the streets.

The domestic use for the shower and for washing of clothes is still allowed. Just like the manual watering of vegetable gardens, gardens, flower boxes, flower beds and shrubs in the evening only as well as the’watering of a new lawn, seeded or peaty, the hours set in law.

The City promises a regular monitoring of the compliance of this regulation. Violators can receive fines of 150 to 1000$.

As the production of water is a competence of the city, the same prohibitions also apply to Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures and L’ancienne-Lorette.


Because of the lack of rain and the massive presence of people in telework at home, the water consumption is therefore exceptional these days. The reservoirs are at very low levels.

“Water reserves are going down and the situation is critical, admitted the councillor Suzanne Verreault. The weather is going to arrange things.”

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