Projects on the edge of Mount Bellevue: no more question of going back

The citizens of the Sauvé-Dunant citizens’ committee and the Regroupement pour la protectioné du Boisé Belvédère returned to the charge before the new municipal council on Monday to express their concern over these two projects located a stone’s throw from Mount Bellevue. In both cases, Mayor Steve Lussier confirms that elected officials have very little control to modify projects.

D ominique Vigneux-Parent, the citizens’ committee, reported that about thirty families in the neighborhood have taken action to oppose the planned commercial development at the corner of Thibault and Dunant. “This is our eighth visit to the city council. We filed a petition of 879 names. The previous administration never wanted to acknowledge his responsibility and correct his mistake. Citizens still do not know what will be built at the corner of Thibault and Dunant. We want to check if you are ready to listen to the needs of the citizens of the sector. ”

As former mayor Bernard Sévigny and former board chairman Serge Paquin did, the current chair, Nicole Bergeron, recalled that the owner of the land is in a situation of acquired rights. “At the last news, he wanted to develop his business. ”

New elected, Councilor Ascot Karine Godbout intervened in favor of a dialogue. “I have just arrived and I have homework to do. I am in the process of seeing what is happening with the lands of this project. I think there has never been an opening of the previous council. I want to open the dialogue so that we can make a meeting. ”

Borough President Chantal L’Esperance also expressed interest in attending a meeting where the Borough Director would also be present.

“The case is too advanced from a legal point of view. The project will continue, “says Steve Lussier.

“Two big scars”

Martin Gagnon and Caroline Cayer, of the Belvédère Woodlands Protection Group, reported that “two large scars” are already visible in the Belvédère woodlot following the start of work for a residential development, the Carré Belvédère. “For future projects, what do you plan to do to adequately recognize the ecological value of ecosystems? Do you have the political will to reach 12% in protected areas by 2022 as stipulated in the development plan? If so, how do you plan to do it? Asked Ms. Cayer.

Nicole Bergeron, cautious, replied that the council should meet in lake-in-the-shoulder to determine its main orientations, but that no one seemed against the achievement of the objective of 12% of the territory in protected areas. “Stop work, I do not think it’s possible. I do not want to give you false hopes and let you think we can go back. ”

Caroline Gravel, Director of the Urban Infrastructure Department at the City of Sherbrooke, mentioned that it was agreed with the proponent to carry out deforestation work in the future streets so that truck transportation is done directly on the site rather than in the city. residential streets.

Karine Godbout described the questions of citizens as legitimate.

Steve Lussier confirms that he can not stop the development of Carré Belvédère either. “I am very happy that 70% of the hemlock is preserved. Nothing can be done but to ensure that the work is done safely. It is M. [Luc] Elias who is the promoter. I have seen his developments and personally, I think he will do a good job. I will have a watchful eye to any new development. I have already spoken with several promoters to keep more forests in the future. It is sure, sure, sure that I will be attentive in the coming years. ”

The Petit Quartier will be born

The Petit Quartier, which has 73 minims, will see the light of day. The notice of renunciation of the holding of a register or referendum procedure, filed by the promoter, was found to be in conformity.

Clerk Isabelle Sauvé explained that more than half of those qualified to vote had signed a notice to show their support for the project. “There will be no register or referendum and the regulation is considered approved. ”

The Petit Quartier, which will be built in the extension of the Rue des Semailles, in the Borough of Fleurimont, will be constituted as a cooperative. It provides for a six-acre protection zone.

Councilor Danielle Berthold said she was very happy. “I want to reassure people in Duplessis Road who have concerns. The board of directors of the cooperative agrees to meet the residents in January so that everyone can find his account. ”

These citizens lament that new construction is planned too close to their own home.

Mrs. Berthold thinks that the project can only be good for the City of Sherbrooke. She will be attentive to the traffic generated on Duplessis Road. The first houses could be built in 2018.

A president for borough 1

Nicole Bergeron will occupy the presidency of borough 1, which includes the former boroughs of Rock Forest-Saint-Élie-Deauville and Brompton. Faced with the inability of elected boroughs to come to a majority vote, all elected councilors had to vote by secret ballot.

“It was discussed in camera. There was a vote. We need to start this procedure again to have a debate in front of the municipal council as to whether there are any candidates for the position of president, “said Clerk Isabelle Sauvé.

Only the candidacy of Nicole Bergeron was proposed in public session, so that Mrs. Bergeron was proclaimed president of the district.

Let’s remember that Chantal L’Espérance, Claude Charron and Vincent Boutin hold the presidency of the other boroughs.

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