Proper breathing — key to health

Правильное дыхание — ключ к здоровью

The third key to health is proper breathing. It is divided into 3 types: clavicular, thoracic and abdominal. Usually people use thoracic (intercostal) and abdominal (diaphragmatic), so they’ll stay.

Magicforum gathered tips on proper breathing.

Thoracic breathing is a mediocre inhale and exhale. Simply put, how we breathe in daily life on autopilot. Such breathing does not allow us to die more benefit from it, but diaphragmatic breathing…. This is a very useful and Wellness of breath.

What are its advantages? Through abdominal breathing, we become infinitely healthy. Our cells rejuvenate and, thus, we extend their life by half. Now You probably laugh, because believe in is very hard. Believe it and extend the life doubled.

The essence of the third key to health.

This key will give us the intention to do a simple breathing exercise, which has lost its relevance. Attention. Now we consider the professional level of breathing.

Breathing the diaphragm… Everything is quite simple. We will use also beats aperture. Simply put, we begin to incorporate in our breath stomach. The next two stages.

Inhale and inflate the abdomen, as kids. Watch them. They know how to breathe correctly. Then exhale, belly pulls. Inhale – fill, exhale – release.

Thus the need for clear visualization.

When we take a deep breath. Introducing the petal infinity centered in the solar plexus. Energy from space and from the center of the Earth comes to us in anotny complex (mid-chest). On the exhale, our accumulated energy just explodes. Imagine this divine explosion around You. Use colors mainly purple, white and gold colors, and most importantly dazzling.

To do these exercises 10 minutes a day. This is enough to keep Your body healthy indefinitely.

This is truly a rich key to health. Believe it and your life will be better with every deep breath.


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