Prosecution led by conspiracy

Poursuite pilotée par des conspirationnistes

Nicolas Saillant

The lawsuit filed Monday, against the government of Quebec to denounce the containment measures during the pandemic is funded by a foundation administered by three complotistes, to which the ex-head of TQS Josée Turmel ” gives a voice “.

Little known to the general public up here, Stephane Blais has rallied thousands of people on social networks since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19.

In early may, after the renewal of the governmental decrees which infringed according to him, the Constitution, the accounting officer and activist, has established the Foundation for the defence of the rights and freedoms of the people (FDLP).

He said so on his page Facebook that the COVID-19 is a “coup international” and a ” pretext for us conditioned to docility and police repression “.

Since then, more than $ 350,000 has been raised in donations, says the chair of the FDLP, which has retained the services of the law firm of Guy Bertrand to monitor its legal proceedings against Quebec.

The procedure also challenges the project of law 61 on the recovery accelerated in the economy, which is currently the subject of debate and criticism in the national Assembly.

Josée Turmel in support of

The one that has for years been the face of the Grand Journal of TQS Québec was at the forefront when Stéphane Blais announced the filing of this petition on Monday, before the national Assembly.

“I give him a voice,” said the ex-moderator, which was presented by Stéphane Blais in the crowd while she was broadcasting live coverage of the speech on his page Facebook.

Josée Turmel has supported the foundation.

Ms. Turmel said to “endorse” the foundation. “This foundation has and the actions that they take, I’m okay with it. “

She says, however, “trust the intelligence of the people” as to the arguments of nature complotiste that members have expressed. “[Is this that I agree with] 100 % of the things that will come out of the mouth of these people ? There, put-me-z in the not-too-on my shoulders “, she advocates.

The other directors of the foundation, Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur and Caroline Mailloux, have, in fact, spoke at the rally on Monday, denouncing the alleged dangerousness of the vaccines in development against the COVID-19 and a grand government conspiracy aimed at undermining the freedoms of citizens.

Despite these positions, Stéphane Blais is defending itself to be a conspiracy theorist. “Let’s stop putting labels. I take the information, be professional, and I ask questions “, he commented.

Legault reacts

Questioned yesterday on the legal proceedings carried out by the FDLP, the prime minister responded that it was based on the science to act in the face of the pandemic. “These people have a other science, we can’t do anything “, dropped François Legault.

The theories of the FDLP

  • The COVID-19 is a “pretext for us conditioned to docility and police repression” and to impose laws that are contrary to the freedoms of citizens.
  • The coronavirus is a ” coup international of a clique of powerful thugs, and against the peoples of the world “.
  • Governments want to make it mandatory for the vaccine against the COVID – 19, which will also ” humans genetically modified “.
  • The WHO is headed by a former war criminal and funded by the multibillion-dollar Bill Gates, who has been enriched thanks to the manufacture of vaccines.
  • The protests against the racism of the “diversion” of governments.
  • The media, in the pay of the government, to send a message that is “false” to the population. The government is corrupt.
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