Prostitution in Quebec during the COVID-19: less demand and customers nervous

Less demand, changed practices, customers nervous: the middle of the prostitution in Quebec did not escape the crisis of the COVID-19.

The director of Project Intervention Prostitution Québec (PIPQ), Genevieve Quinty, in an interview with Qub radio with host Jonathan Trudeau, has painted a complex picture of the situation.

“There are fewer customers that make the demand for sexual services and practices also have changed, I would say, for certain. As an organization, the awareness that was made with the girls, it was just to see the possibility to adapt the services offered, in the sense that instead of physical contact with clients, it is possible to do, through the web […] of the shows on webcams… there are girls who register on the site and send some movies or pictures,” she explained.

If this u-turn virtual is possible, Ms. Quinty accurate that not all sex workers who wish to take this path, for many reasons, including that of confidentiality.

“There’s still movement in the motels and women have decided to receive [client] home,” she added.

The director of Project Intervention Prostitution Québec, Geneviève Quinty

The director of PIPQ is concerned about the report of trading by reason of the particular context.

“The report of negotiation is different in this time, since there is less demand. Clients negotiate down, she told. There are customers who are more anxious, more nervous, and, as it is an activity that has no distancing, they are targeted more easily. Therefore, we can expect that it’s going to push these activities-there is even more in the underground. I fear that violence is increasing among women.”

It was also raised that it is difficult for sex workers, access to government assistance programs, because of their marginal status.

“They’re going in the cracks of the floor,” said Ms. Quity, specifying that it has agreed with other stakeholders in the region to ensure that sex workers have the right to assistance of last resort “sans souci”.

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