Protest against police violence in France: 18 arrests in Paris

Manifestation contre les violences policières en France: 18 interpellations à Paris

PARIS | Ten-eight people have been arrested in Paris at the time of incidents in the margin of a gathering prohibited organized Tuesday evening at the call of the committee of support to the family of a young black man death in 2016 after his arrest, Adama Traoré, announced to the AFP, the prefecture of police on Wednesday.

The event was attended by approximately 20 000 people in the French capital, according to the prefecture of police, stating that 17 of the 18 people arrested have been remanded in custody.

This rally against police violence had been organized at the initiative of the relatives of Adama Traoré, the day was unveiled a expertise conducted at the request of the family involving the French gendarmes in the death of the young 24-year old man.

This event took place in the context of those organized in the United States and other countries after the death of George Floyd, a black American 46-year-old was asphyxiated by a white policeman in the United States on may 25.

According to the authorities, she had been prohibited because of the state of health emergency in France outlawing any public gathering of more than ten people, because she had “been the subject of any prior declaration”.

At the same time, seven people were arrested and ten police officers slightly injured in a dozen rallies against police brutality in other French cities, a-t-on learned from police source.

The 19 July 2016, Adama Traoré had died in the barracks of the gendarmerie, of Persan in the paris region, nearly two hours after his arrest.

For Assa Traoré, sister of Adama Traoré, “unfortunately the death of George Floyd has just imaged the death of my little brother”.

“The indignation we denounce the United States, it happens exactly the same thing in France. In France it is even worse: the United States police officers have been dismissed, in France the gendarmes were rewarded,” she continued, on the channel BFMTV.

For her, “the French justice system is afraid of the truth in the case of Adama Traoré, a reconstitution has been asked for several years is not accepted so, of course, that one can not speak of inquiry in this case.”

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