Protestowali papalii base of the UN in the Congo Demokratichni Respublic

Протестувальники підпалили базу ООН в Демократичній Республіці Конго

MSA UN zi stables situat in Demokratichni Republc of the Congo became the “DAC-vdvojom” for rozlouceni maskants, that papalii budula MS in MST Ben.The words glavi MS the UN from the DRC, Leila Zerrugi, the stench zrobili TSE in a sign of protest against nestalnost of Uryadovy that mirotvorcy forces of zachistit people from napadu osbrone group so zuanich Sousnik demokratichna forces (ADF), Pereda Vlasna correspondent Ukrinforma from new York.

“Mi stichos s problems, s yakimi duzhe vazhko iterotica, said Vaughn, Bo maєmo vistupi people, rozczarowany napadli osbrone group. In total from Shani castin country dіє of about sotn such group”.

The words cervic MS, tsogo msata Bulo scono of about 14 napadu, of about 80 osib hammered, in fact, scho country of spottergijs Nile at a history Adema Ebola. Z the moment of ad about Adamu in SERPs view from the past from the rock for this reason horobi died over 2000 people.

“Yea people kotri manpulate strogannymi people I vykorystovuyutsia h ABO Uryadov proti or proti MS… Mi – TSAP-ugboaja. Mi znamo about TSE. Mi rosumo I primmo TSE, Bo maєmo vibora, besides the Yak wykonujace their robot th minimizati attacking tsivilne population,” said Serreg.

For data MS, after napadu mirotvorci have possilile petroliana teritor on shod of the country.

Yak povidomlyav UKRINFORM have MST Ben scho on shad Demokratichno Republic of the Congo, have ponedilok protestowali shturmoval budula mirotvorcev body of the UN that misku hall.

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