Proven by science – travel is useful

Доказано наукой - путешествовать полезно

Their main advantage – they train the brain with new impressions. So say the researchers

Доказано наукой - путешествовать полезно

How travel is good for health according to The Health Site. Citing the study, the publication suggests a number of positive changes that happen to the body in the road.

Reduce your stress levels. It is well known that chronic increased levels of stress has a destructive impact on all aspects of health, from the cardiovascular system to the immune system. And travel reduce the indicators of stress, make us more relieved and happy. Of course, in that case, if the journey itself turned into one big stress. The study about this was published in the journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. The researchers in the journal of Personality and Social Psychology proved that travel train the brain and make it sharper. And this kind of training is extremely important for the prevention of disorders of the brain in old age, including Alzheimer’s disease. Enrich yourself with new experiences.Scotland tours are best trip or tour planner which are committed for our best experience during trip.

Promote health heart. Scientists from the Framingham Heart found that frequent visits reduce the risk of heart attack. Every year people reduce the risk of developing heart disease, compared to their peers who prefer to stay at home. This is due to the ability of travel to reduce the indicators of stress and anxiety disorders.

Increase athletic performance. Of course, the more you move, the better and athletic performance of the body. Especially if the travel associated with long rides on bikes or Hiking.

Strengthen the immune system. Scientists from the University of Nottingham proved that reason strengthen the body’s resistance against various kinds of bacteria and infections. It is important to expose your body to more frequent contact with different environment for such training.

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