Proven women of this Zodiac sign become the best companions!

Доказано — женщины этого знака Зодиака становятся лучшими спутницами жизни!

Binding the family ties, can we know with whom we will spend life? To know a person only after living with him for several years, and then we are not immune from surprises.

But some idea of what we can expect from its second half to give the zodiac. Who of us will be the best wife?

See what the stars say.


To sustain the wife-Aries, only a very strong man. Show your temper at once, it would not, pretending to be “sheep”. And after… This lady will try to subjugate anyone, and the stronger the opponent, the harder it will fight. Every day this persistent stubborn will have to relive a little Armageddon.

Here, of course, has two options: to fight to the last, or “score” and to surrender to the winner. It will be interesting, and it will seek a new, more powerful husband’s opponent. “Life is struggle” — that’s the motto of wife-Aries. Some of them do.


There is a sawfish (saw a great example in the cartoon?). This is classic wife-Taurus. Gash anyone. In her feminine Arsenal is also blackmail and manipulation. The husband, watching TV or sitting on the Internet for such a wife is an enemy, which urgently needs to find something useful for the family business. And what rest? At the light of rest.

From the wife’s Taurus is nowhere to hide – it will find and force you to do what she sees fit. If the husband really loves her or has an angel’s patience, will be able to become wealthy and make a good career. And the fact that eye twitching – nonsense.


These girls love courtship and flirting. How many men can a marriage be constantly flirt with your wife? And the wife Gemini sees her husband through, why not see and find out by any means. Get to the root and at every opportunity to poke his nose in not the most pleasant traits. But if the mood is good, then will use this knowledge for personal purposes.

In General, wives Twins are quite sociable and cheerful, partly adventuress. The marriage are as easily and love the diversity that must be considered and not expect them strong and deep feelings. But this wife will not be bored.


This will be almost perfect wife is the woman with Cancer. Home for her always comes first. Caring mommy and wife, order and comfort are guaranteed. However, they have a very fine mental organization, happen sudden changes in the mood, but who doesn’t? Reverie gives way to pragmatism and rigor suddenly turns into tenderness.

Husband suddenly decided that “caught God by the beard” and when the wife could not deal with family matters, will be rigidly put in place with detailed instructions what he must do, what life is about and who the mistress of the house.


A female Lion needs to Shine. If she managed to find a rich husband to provide her with the necessary level of life: luxury leisure, entertainment, social events, it will give him the opportunity to continue to work for its prosperity.

Otherwise, the husband will be under the heel, and carry out the orders of the Royal person. In any of these scenarios, pragmatic and vain Lion build relationships in the family, so it is convenient all: the husband works, she’s a star and Queen everywhere and always, and all admire – what a gorgeous woman, what an exemplary family.


Women Virgo live and mind, and heart. They are very good hostess – lean, clean, and practical. Well, there are sometimes boring, so what? And you never whine? It is the same. But she will always understand and support her husband.

In almost any situation. Man’s best friend – his wife. This rule is the husband of the virgin should know by heart. Even when the cockroaches in her head dancing, and she begins to “make the brain” to my beloved husband. In family life there is no all smoothly. Everyone is such a temporary “half-baked”, but is the same.


A female Libran nature is very contradictory. It combines the opposite qualities of softness and rigidity, it is not particularly emotional and can very easily “explode”.

Thin and slightly arrogant girl, is not adapted to heavy loads, which often happen in life. In the home – rather the creation of useless and better husband to take that burden on their shoulders, in every way to protect the gentle from tribulations and difficulties, to provide her with comfort and entertain all sorts of amenities.


Female-Scorpio is sensual, mysterious and modest. However, it is not necessary to force her to stand up for themselves. I’m gonna be pissed. Gentleness combined with determination and hardness. A very fine intuition tells her all that is needed. She will choose a man and will charm even at a distance. How she does it? Some believe that women-Scorpions — witches, Yes.

You can try to follow her, maybe a night on the broom flies? But the truth is, wife is a Scorpio – a dream of any man. If you like something she and the mistress and friend, and intelligent companion. A wise and strong man will appreciate it.


Woman warrior, the Amazon. “A galloping horse…” is about her. Not every man will withstand this pressure. No trepidation about the marriage she did not feel mistress of her that still, sex for her is like a sport. The woman-Sagittarius is easy to meet men, too easy for them to marry, bear children, and also easily goes from “married” back.

Nature does not tolerate the monotony and loves the freedom. If the husband is not an ardent supporter of Domostroy, it is hoped to hold her longer married, showing that she can leave whenever you want.


The woman-Capricorn knows how to be her husband, so maybe a little to sit up on the shelf. It is difficult to find the ideal. If marry succeeded, it will be wife is very Thrifty and faithful.

Of course, provided that her husband does not relax, and continues to conform to the ideal. In this case, she will do anything to help her husband to achieve the goal that she will help him find. And always communicate clearly explain to him why he needs to be happy.


Easy and relaxed Aquarius woman is not afraid of difficulties. Her gaiety and sociability, kindness and wit attract men. Anyway, this girl’s best friends – will not be bored, and the measured and peaceful family life can catch up on her longing to be treated adventure.

No, some time it can behave like a real mother, but occasionally it requires recharging. Preferably unexpected and original. Be patient husband – you’re not an angel.


That’s really a woman of mystery. To learn itself (as said Cinderella’s stepmother) is the main task of the female Fish. The husband should provide her the opportunity to have self-knowledge: to find food, to protect, to pamper gifts and entertain.

In this case, he will get a good wife and mother to their children. If the Fish found a husband who does not like to be such a minion, she will have to suffer. And that they know how to do. But who will prevent her off the hook and swim away in search of a better life?

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