Provision on the possibility of pre-judicial blocking of sites the text of the bill, we obviously clean, — Tymchuk

Норму о возможности досудебной блокировки сайтов из текста законопроекта мы, очевидно, уберем, — Тымчук

The authors of the bill No. 6688 on blocking websites will take a legislative initiative in the new edition of the provision on the possibility of blocking of information resources for 48 hours without a court order can remove, explained co-author of the bill, MP from the faction “people’s front” Dmitry Tymchuk.

“We decided to go down the same path that was taken during the preparation of the law on national security… and involve in the development of bill (No. 6688. — Ed.) we will submit a substitute, experts from the EU, OSCE, NATO structures, which are working in Ukraine and participated in the preparation for the second reading of the bill on national security,” — said D. Tymchuk, reports Censor.NO.

According to him, this decision is connected with the resonance that arose around this bill.

D. Tymchuk called this response “bizarre” and expressed bewilderment why criticize it began a year after the registration in the Verkhovna Rada. He recalled that this legislative initiative introduced in July 2017.

At the same time, the MP considers it appropriate to grant the investigator the right to block for 48 hours information resources that threaten information security of Ukraine.

“After discussing this question this norm, we obviously get”, — said D. Tymchuk.

As reported, July 4, 2018, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security and defence has recommended MPs to adopt the first reading of a bill (No. 6688), which allows you to temporarily block information resources.

This bill proposes to grant the right of SBU to provide by a court decision or in other cases prescribed by law, the blocking of access to a particular information resource with the use of technical means, which are set by the operators and providers of telecommunications.

Blocking access to information resources will become another form of sanctions. In addition, it is proposed to create a single register of the execution of judgments and the application of sanctions in the field of telecommunications.

Under the bill, the procedure of blocking of information resources will be set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Telecommunications providers are planning to oblige for their own money to purchase and install equipment that will determine the administration of the State service of special communication and information protection in coordination with the SBU and are required to block access to information resources, as well as limitation and termination of the provision of telecommunications services.

However, the criminal code of Ukraine is proposed to add a new article, according to which the basis for the blocking of information online and you delete the information by the court will be spread through this resource, “with which committed serious and heinous crimes”.

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