PS5 review summary summary | LetsGoDigital

PS5 review summary summary |  LetsGoDigital

The Sony PS5 has been improved on many points, what about the development of these functions? The most important points are listed in this consolidation review.

Last week we published an extensive PlayStation 5 review, in which all the advantages and disadvantages of Sony’s latest game console are discussed in detail. If you don’t feel like or don’t have the time to read this full publication, you will find a concise summary of the most important points here. For this PS5 review we used the console in combination with the legendary game Spider-Man Miles Morales, the new platformer Sackboy: The Big adventure and the free pre-installed game Astro’s Playroom.

The Sony PS5 was released in Europe on November 19, 2020. The 5from generation PlayStation has improved on many points, but the sales price has also increased. The PS5 is available for € 500, which means a price increase of no less than 25% over the introductory price of the PS4 Pro.

It is the first time that Sony has also released a digital edition without a disc tray, in the form of a PS5 Digital Edition. In terms of specs, these game consoles are the same, for the digital version you pay € 100 less – you are, however, dependent on the PlayStation Store to buy games. These are usually a bit more expensive to purchase than the applied retail prices.

Futuristic game console but impractical to use

The PS5 has a striking design and is significantly larger (WxHxD: 39 x 10.4 x 26 cm) than its predecessor, so it will not be so easy to store in a TV cabinet. A stand is included in the form of a foot, which you should use regardless of whether you want to place the game console horizontally or vertically.

However, this foot is very difficult to attach horizontally, so that the game console continues to slide over the foot. The PlayStation 5 is therefore best positioned vertically, so that it will quickly claim a prominent place in your living room.

The matt-white interchangeable side panels are of high quality. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about the high-gloss black plastic material, which is not only sensitive to dust and fingerprints, but is also very sensitive to scratches.

Furthermore, the Power and Eject buttons are very small, so you have to find these buttons quickly by touch. In addition, the white / gray color scheme of the console differs from the pure white DualSense controller. In terms of workmanship, we expected more from Sony. The console is also manufactured in China.

PS5 review summary summary |  LetsGoDigital

PlayStation 5 powerful game console with SSD

The Sony PS5 has renewed and significantly more powerful hardware than its predecessor. Important new additions are the SSD (Solid State Drive), hardware ray tracing and 3D audio support. It is also the first time that Sony has made the new PlayStation backwards compatible, making it possible to play PS4 games on the PS5.

Ray tracing provides nicer reflections and reverberations, which is especially useful in a game like Spider-Man. It is a pity that ray tracing is only supported in this game in 4K resolution @ 30 fps – comparable to the resolution of the PS4 Pro. The higher 60fps used for Performance mode does not support ray tracing – so you are forced to choose between beautifully smooth images or extra details in reflections and glare.

The SSD ensures that the PlayStation 5 is up and running in no time, loading times are also a thing of the past. This is a clear difference from the PS4 (Pro). However, the amount of memory is quite limited. Although 825GB is built-in, only 667GB of effective storage capacity is available. Since PS5 games are up to 100GB in size, you quickly run into storage limitations.

In the future it should also be possible to connect an external SSD to the PlayStaton 5, for this space has been made behind the protective cover. However, this function is currently software-disabled by Sony, so you can only save and play PS4 games via an HDD / SSD that you connect via USB.

3D audio should provide an extra rich gaming experience. Unfortunately, we also have to make a comment here, because 3D audio is currently not supported via the speakers of your TV. To experience the 3D audio, you need a gaming headset, which you can connect via the 3.5mm connection or USB. You have to love gaming with a headset. In any case, it does not benefit communication if you are gaming with several people in one room.

PS5 review summary summary |  LetsGoDigital

Backwards compatible with PS4

The vast majority of Playstation 4 games have been made compatible with the PlayStation 5. This is a big advantage for PS4 owners who have built up a nice game collection. Thanks to the PS5’s more powerful hardware, these games also look better than before.

Nevertheless, it must be said that Sony has paid less attention to backwards compatibility than Microsoft. The old Xbox games are better optimized, in addition, the support continues only Xbox One games – so you can also play the even older Xbox 360 games on the Xbox Series X. For Sony, PS4 games are compatible with the PS5, unfortunately does not support games from previous PlayStation consoles.

That is not the only point in which Sony falls short of Microsoft. For example, the PS5 does not support Dolby Vision, instead HDR10 has been chosen. The same goes for the variable refresh rate (VVR) that HDMI 2.1 enables. This feature will be made available at a later date, Sony recently confirmed.

The 1440p resolution output is also not supported, so the images on a QHD monitor will provide a significantly less beautiful gaming experience. Sony prefers to focus on the use of the game console in combination with a television, instead of a gaming monitor.

PS5 review summary summary |  LetsGoDigital

PS5 games are significantly more expensive

Another dislike is the price of PlayStation 5 games. These have increased by approximately 25% compared to PS4 games. In an interview Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, gave the reason that the games will provide many hours of fun, and therefore are not too expensive. As if you couldn’t go hours ahead with a PS4 game.

We are only positive about the user interface. Both the Home Screen and the new Control Center offer a nice user experience, everything looks neat and clear and the settings options have been further expanded.

As for the sound the console produces, our PS5 was as quiet as a mouse. During the test period I only heard the console run at high revs once, when Astro’s Playroom crashed.

Yet you also read various reactions from gamers on the internet that the console is very noisy. This appears to differ per console and per game. It has now become known that Sony purchases the fan from two different manufacturers, which differ from each other in terms of specs and noise. Unfortunately, you cannot see in advance which model you are buying, so it seems that you have to have a little luck with this.

PS5 review summary summary |  LetsGoDigital

Wireless DualSense controller

The biggest plus of the Sony PS5 is without a doubt the DualSense controller. Thanks to the addition of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, you can feel the vibrations much more accurately. You simply have to experience this! The built-in microphone / speaker also provides an extra rich gaming experience. The microphone can also be switched off quickly and easily with the mute button.

The controller offers a particularly nice hand-fit and is made of premium materials. The front feels smooth, while the back has a slightly ribbed structure for better grip. The modern, slightly rounded design is characterized by a blue light strip placed on either side of the touchpad. This is a clear upgrade compared to the light strip on the back of the DualShock 4. The touchpad is also much nicer integrated than before.

The wireless DualSense controller also has a significantly longer battery life (6-11 hours) than the DualShock 4 controller that came with the PS4 (Pro). Charging is done via the included USB cable, which you can connect via the front of the console.

Sony PS5 review conclusion

It may be clear, there is certainly still a lot to be noticed on the game console itself. Many of the new functions are not yet available or are limited, which is not good for the so-called ‘next-gen game experience’. Not to mention the instability of the PS5. During our testing period, the pre-installed game Astro’s Playroom crashed several times, so much so that the game could not be restarted and had to be completely reinstalled.

Various bugs have also been reported online in the meantime, Sony has now found a solution for some of these problems. Yet such situations are certainly not good for the enjoyment of the game. It is therefore to be hoped that Sony will soon have this under control.

In addition, Sony has produced far too few consoles, so the PS5 is sold out worldwide. New stock is expected at the end of this year, however it remains unclear how many of these copies will be shipped to the Netherlands.

PS5 review summary summary |  LetsGoDigital

During the pre-order period it quickly became clear that the demand is greater than the supply. In addition, Dutch retailers received very few PS5 copies, which among other things resulted in draws among the pre-order candidates.

The new PlayStation is sold by a large number of Dutch retailers, including MediaMarkt, BCC, Coolblue, and Amazon, but of course through gaming stores such as Nedgame and GameMania. However, at the time of writing, no consoles are available for sale anymore. Some speak of an expected delivery at the end of this year, others do not expect to receive a new stock until around February 2021.

Do you want to buy a PS5? Then we advise you to wait a little longer, so that Sony can first fix all bugs and perform the necessary updates to make all new functions actually accessible. Don’t be used as a guinea pig, this way you can avoid a lot of annoyances. In the meantime, the game portfolio will also be further expanded, which will only benefit the game experience.

Value for money

Regarding the price / quality ratio, the PlayStation 5 is sold for exactly the same price as the new Xbox Series X. The latter game console is, however, a lot more powerful and also equipped with more functions.

Yet the PS5 also has such advantages, these can be found in particular in the new DualSense controller, which delivers a very pleasant gaming experience. In addition, Sony is known for its relatively large collection of exclusive games. Do you already own a PS4 (Pro) with a nice collection of games? Then this can also be a decisive reason to choose the PlayStation 5.

Disclaimer: LetsGoDigital is in no way affiliated with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Our test sample does not come from Sony and / or Sony’s marketing agency either. This allows us to publish a fully independent review, intended for the regular consumer. Hard-core gamers will most likely have less trouble with the PS5’s current shortcomings. They therefore had to wait 7 years for the new game console, which naturally makes the call for innovation extra strong.

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