Psychological tricks that always work – how we lived without it?

Continue to study psychology, and again build all the necessary for the successful operation… us.

Психологічні трюки, які завжди працюють -  як ми жили без цього?

Continue to study psychology – collection of all the necessary for successful functioning… us, reports Rus.Media.

“How to make people fulfill your every request? How to quickly get rid of the song that is stuck in your head? And how to please a girl using psychology?”

And we, as always, will puraskaram all these facts short.

1. Friend will help to convey you any thing. If passing it, you will continue a conversation with him.

2. How to get a man to fulfill your every request? If you talk in your right ear, then people will hear you “logic”, and if in the left ear, then “feelings”. So the right ear for the requests left for the compliments.

3. How easy is it to win a man, if he doesn’t like you? Need to ask him for some change.

4. How to know whether you are human or not? Choose one word that your partner often says, and always hearing him, nod or smile. If he continues to speak further, he is yours!

5. How not to face a man in the crowd? We must always look in the direction of your movement.

6. How to get rid of annoying songs in my head? Remember it ends right before it begins.

7. How to impress a girl on a first date? Take her to the amusement Park!

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