Psychological tricks that you can start using right now

There are some challenging problems in life and we all would like to have a special magic button to solve them.

Психологічні хитрощі, які ви можете почати використовувати прямо зараз

Unfortunately, no such thing. But some psychological tricks can help you to overcome difficulties, correct relations with other people and to find a balance.

We will tell you some secrets that you can start using in your daily life right after reading this article. These stunts will definitely make your life easier

In order to have the support of someone in the future, ask them for a favor today

Long ago, Benjamin Franklin decided to win the trust of the person who didn’t love him. This man could affect his political career and had a large library. Franklin wrote a very polite letter in which he asked the man for a favor – to lend him a rare book for a couple of days. The book was sent immediately. Soon after a prominent politician was returned to her with gratitude. And the next time they met, a lover of books himself approached Franklin, and they became friends, informs Rus.Media.

As later stated in his autobiography, “someone who once made you something nice, most likely, later will help you.” How can you use this advice in real life?

You can ask a person you hardly know for a favor. For example, ask them to borrow a pen or pencil. After that, the chances that this person will do for you is something more, much higher. And if the coworker does not like you, you can ask her opinion on some important issues. It will be a good basis for your future relationship.

Just one word to know you like someone

You don’t need to ask a direct question to find out you like the person or not. All you need to do is to choose a specific word, and every time a person utters this word or its synonym, you have to nod and smile. If you like this man, he will start using that word more and more often.

Chew gum to calm down

According to scientific studies, this process dramatically reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone). There are several possible explanations for this. One of them is that the blood goes to the head, and you become more relaxed. Another explanation says that because of our pleasant associations with food and eating, this is what makes us happier and calmer.

In addition, chewing gum can help distract us and help to get rid of bad habits, such as eating during times of stress or biting nails.

Tell one secret to improve your relationship

A good way to earn someone’s trust is to share a secret with her. Of course, you don’t have to tell them something really important, especially if your goal is just to build a good relationship. It is important to show this man that you trust her and that you think it’s important that she knew something. Thus, she will feel that they connected with you something important.

Invite someone 2 options to get what you want

If you need someone to chose or do what he wants to do, just ask the right question. Don’t ask directly, he’ll do it or not. Instead, offer him 2 options.

For example, you need to get a report from your colleague. Don’t ask him to do it or not. Ask when he will be able to give you a report tomorrow or in a few days.

So people feel that they are important and get the illusion of control over the situation.

Make the error to become more attractive

We always try to avoid mistakes, mainly because to not laugh at us. However, a small mistake can make us more attractive in the eyes of others. Error makes you a mere mortal and not the perfect person. Ideal people usually are afraid and nobody likes them.

Other people will not be afraid to make a mistake in your presence that will help them feel more comfortable and relaxed. And if they can also specify that you made a mistake, they may even feel better, and you won’t be offended. First, you made it yourself, and secondly, you have won the confidence of the person.

But don’t overdo it. Otherwise, they may begin to doubt that you are good at what you do.

If there is any similarity between you and other people, you will like them more

A lot of people know about the mirror gestures. However, it is possible to achieve a significant effect if oral to note the similarities between you and other people.

Just think of foreign tourists, when they meet a fellow countryman abroad. Or it’s nice to know that you went to the same school as someone else. We have attachment to such people.

Compliment every day

Tell people every day is a good thing. Even if you’re in a terrible mood. Even if the day was really bad.

First, it will be difficult, but with time you get used to it, and you don’t have to force yourself to say nice things. And that’s why other people begin to treat you

Moreover, you can talk good things not only to your friends and colleagues and random people, service workers and drivers. These words make other people feel better and create a good atmosphere.

Don’t overestimate the attention

We used to concentrate on ourselves and so when we don’t look really good in the morning, we feel that notice this. But in fact it is not.

This is called the spotlight effect. We overestimate the importance of our appearance and our actions for other people.

Think about a time when you are out of town. You usually wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, you do not spend hours in front of a mirror, and you eat whatever you want. So, try to keep the experience relaxed and comfortable feelings in daily life.