Psychologist’s advice to women who live for the sake of others

Think about whom you live.

Поради психолога жінкам, які живуть заради інших

There are many women and men who want to do everything yourself and keep everything under control. In the end they forget about themselves, and bring themselves to exhaustion. There are women who devote their entire lives to others: children, whom they educate, relatives that depend on them, partners with whom they control, and sometimes it becomes too much. There are such men, but most often this type of personality is inherent in women.

They do a lot and receive little. These people do everything for everyone, just not to do them. However, many of them don’t understand how it can affect them in the long term, informs Rus.Media.

Everything has a limit. Sooner or later this investment will be emotional and psychological burden. Even if your mind says “resist and go forward,” the body reaches the limit and starts to hurt. Your body suffers. If so, if you are feeling down and are experiencing persistent changes in mood, force yourself to relax. Slow down the pace of your life and think about these five questions. It will be very helpful.

How long has it been since you enjoyed the peace and quiet

Silence is good for your brain. This is the world of your thoughts. Daily take a “bath” of silence and solitude. This will help you all to understand correctly. In addition, it will also help you connect with yourself.

Some women used to spend most of the day taking care of others. This means caring for dependent relatives, child care, parenting, etc. As a rule, these women lose the moments of peace that we need, when we suffer from stress. They consider silence and solitude strange and useless. But it’s important every day to give yourself an hour of silence.

You are leading important conversations

Meaningful conversations should be conducted with people who can hear and understand you. It’s the friends and other people who are emotionally connected with us.

Such conversations help to get rid of many internal problems, and to delve deeper into some aspects of your daily life to get a new perspective. In a rapidly changing world conversations gradually lose their value. Appreciate them. Meet people to talk about everything and nothing.

Even if you think you can do everything, you can’t

No, 30 hours a day, and no, you can’t give to others 90% of the time. The confidence that “I can do everything” and “I should do whatever I want” leads to nowhere.

Поради психолога жінкам, які живуть заради інших

However, you probably don’t know how to say “I can’t”. Despite this, it is necessary and useful to start to loudly say one of the following phrases:

  • I’m tired of(a) today. I can’t help you.
  • No, I wouldn’t be able to help you and in a few days. I need a little time for yourself.
  • No, I decided that I can’t do what you’re asking me to do. It is overwhelming me.
  • I feel sick and I have to take care of myself.

Be proud of yourself and appreciate yourself every day

People who are used to do things for others, do not feel you need. Because everyone thinks that they owe them. After all, they are here to help, to support, to strengthen, to be a helping hand and take care of all.

However, if others are not able to be grateful for all the good that you do, you should do it yourself. There is nothing wrong to respect and love you. It is good to feel proud of all the good that you do, and be the daily support.

Learn how to take care of yourself

Other people manage your time, emotions, care, attention and energy. But you can offer so much more.

  • Give yourself time for yourself.
  • Give yourself the gifts. Buy yourself what you love.
  • Do what you love every day.
  • Travel.
  • Take care of your appearance.
  • Make friends that will make you laugh.

Don’t be afraid to think about it. Make changes in your life if you understand that you need it. You live primarily for yourself, and your life should belong to you.