Psychologist’s advice: what to do with a teenager who wants nothing?

Most often in this category teenage children fall girls and boys from 15 to 20 years.

Поради психолога: що робити з підлітком, який нічого не хоче?

A big question for parents is increasingly becoming, then, why their child does not want to? Most often in this category teenage children fall girls and boys from 15 to 20 years. It would seem, formed young body that is full of energy and strength, should send it all on his training or work, pay attention to the opposite sex, to strive to enjoy the moment and do everything in order to get from life to the maximum. But instead, these adolescents are satisfied with a completely opposite lifestyle. What is this the lifestyle?

Yes all is very simple. The pocket money which is enough for a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of beer, home computer, which replaced the child communicate with their peers, as well as a huge number of problems within the family, parents prefer to ignore. Parents often turn to local psychologists in a desperate attempt to help your child and get her out of status “do not want” and “I need nothing”, but as a rule, it is an absolutely futile exercise. These troubled Teens usually grow up in families where no father or mother. If there is no father, the mother performs the function of breadwinner and nurses as well as nurses, cleaners and of course, the role of the father, informs Rus.Media.

If the family has no mother, all household chores and upbringing of children forced to hang on father. What the parents say about this? The same phrase repeats as not the mother, the father “We to it(her), and he(she) for us – nothing.” Dreams and desires begin to emerge in early childhood, and in the future by the example of others. Parents, sometimes without realizing it, and most importantly, with a huge reluctance to admit their mistakes for a long time suppressed in the child, her wishes and dreams. Also, Teens with a reluctant desire to do anything, it is the result of early independence, if the child is still at an early age was left to itself, it has learned to find a way out of difficult situations alone, and similarly, to solve their personal problems. In this case, “do not want” and “need not” caused by too much independence and too old Outlook on life.

Here’s another reason for this behavior. Limitations. Children often tell psychologists: “I was honors, went dancing and drawing, learned foreign languages and went to bed on time, at school I always took a babysitter with friends we walked no more than two hours in a day than I did not please your parents?”. The problem lies in the fact that the child previously was overloaded with what her parents wanted, and not found in a timely manner of the meaning of life and their personal desires. In the age of the formation of ambitions and personal qualities of teenagers, was busy with wishes and instructions of parents, and possible threats of disobedience kept him in this framework. This leads to another possible reason for the reluctance to live like normal people. Is violence in the family. In any case, not talking about the scary things pulling articles from the criminal code, but we are talking about excessive and severe punishment.

You may want to look into the past and remember how much she was beaten with a belt, or instructive lessons you were given, to wonder what life time could provoke this the most critical moment for the psyche? When your child has started to produce steel hardened for nature? And now the big question, what to do? Remember about what I did before your child was missing of her past and what could motivate her to smile and enjoy life? Even a blank outing with friends will prove most useful to set the mood. Start to listen to your child and to put priority on her desires and requirements. Social networks, computer games – it’s what you need to accept and live with, to grow past this stage.