Psychologists have called the 10 words that attract luck

Психологи назвали 10 слов, которые притягивают удачу 

Words can have a strong influence on the life and destiny of man. According to modern psychologists, the words spoken to us, closely connected with the sense of self and good fortune. If you caught a problem, you should think what words you say.Experts called the 10 words that attract luck.Good luck. To use the word need with confidence and positivity.Happiness. That’s what one wants to achieve. With anyone to say such a word, you bring happiness.Love. As often as possible, speak words of love to your loved ones. And don’t be afraid to confess his love to the world, Believe me, he will answer you in return.Well-being. If you often say the word, and to desire the welfare of other people, you will really start to benefit from life and will deploy to their luck.Thanks. Fortune smiles on those who know how to be grateful for.Success. To use this word, you will program yourself for good luck.Confidence. If you believe in yourself, fortune will favor you.Trust. Learn to trust life. Often talking about trust.Health. This word has a positive effect on your condition.Hope. Hope is what gives us the strength to move on.

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