Psychologists have called the habits of happy couples

Психологи назвали привычки счастливых пар 

The experts shared their secrets to a happy relationship. So, you should make each other compliments. Have to say loved how strong he and his beloved how beautiful she is. It is reported that those simple words will make the relationship really is perfect.The happy couple come up with their own traditions. For example, every Saturday you can make pizza in the evenings, and pamper each other with massage.Kiss each other goodbye. Even if you leave before, still can hug a loved one while he sleeps.According to psychologists, the need to cuddle as often as possible. Should be given five minutes in the morning and the same evening for tactile contact.Happy couples care about each other. Often necessary to cook each other Breakfast or dinner, to help with the work and asking partner if he froze and how he’s doing.It is good to feed each other. Psychologists recommend to give each other gifts and bring Breakfast in bed.Happy couples begin their day together. You can have Breakfast together or take a joint shower. It is recommended together to go to work. It is reported that this strengthens the relationship.

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