Psychologists have described what a man’s gotta lie girl

Психологи рассказали о чем мужчине нужно врать девушке

There is such a lie, which is always good in a relationship between a man and a woman.

Психологи рассказали о чем мужчине нужно врать девушке

Different say the lie of “good taste,” writes mport. It is needed in order not to offend and not to upset people.

How many millions of men fell for the women, “you say – I will not be offended”… So sometimes it is essential to lie for the greater good. Not even to lie and not to negotiate.

So, to avoid dramas and tantrums need to lie about:

1) the previous relations

In any case you can’t tell how great you were in past relationships and how you loved each other. In this slychae better meet dry – say, was it and don’t want to remember. And then dobiti that its current beloved you love most in the world.

2) about her friends

As for the friends of his bride, the fact that you can’t stand them probably shouldn’t. Especially early in your Dating to avoid chosen on their part. Later it will be possible to hint to your girlfriend that one of them is uneven to you breathing, and another cool figure.

Психологи рассказали о чем мужчине нужно врать девушке

3) weekend plans

If a woman predlogit together to spend a weekend, then never tell her that you would prefer to relax with friends. They really resent it. Try to allocate time to her and the friends.

4) that you are interested

Girls often love to tell men ridiculous story or to complain about my life. Do not yawn, and Vice versa – just pretend you’re interested. Girls will appreciate it.

5) on

Not saying that the whole day horsing around – don’t devalue yourself in the eyes of women. also it is better not to talk about problems at work, because you are strong and independent man.

Психологи рассказали о чем мужчине нужно врать девушке


6) on the exterior)

If a girl asks if she recovered, it is better to say that she is gorgeous as ever and that you like her a few folds on ivote

7) about the other girls

Even if your company were the other girls, and especially new ones, in any case do not mention about them, otherwise blow your mind. Even if you spree with one of them, deny everything to the end.

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