Psychologists have described why it is important for spouses to sleep separately

Психологи  рассказали, почему важно супругам спать отдельно

An increasing number of families are moving to this system of life. Psychologists have described why this is so important, writes healthinfo.

The snoring of her husband to someone may seem like something too serious, but in reality it can be one of the reasons for divorce. The fact that sleep quality directly affects the overall quality of life. If someone is chronically not getting enough sleep due to the fact that lying next to the bed favorite person loud snoring, then eventually even the deepest love can turn into hatred. Statistics show that an increasing number of partners and spouses is practicing sleeping in separate rooms just in order to sleep at night and not to fray each other’s nerves. This applies not only to those families whose partners snore. Sometimes people are too often turning over in my sleep, sometimes I prefer to go to bed later than their partners, which they just woken. Someone excessively sweats, and someone pulls the blanket over herself. All this is very annoying and prevents sleep.

To some it may seem that if people decide to sleep separately, it talks about the cooling in their relationship. There is even a stable picture in books and films when husbands and wives sleep separately, and she suggests that the family disagreement or quarrel. In reality, today, separate sleep often indicates an attempt to keep the family together, than the desire to destroy it. A study in Australia showed that more than 200 thousand couples now sleep in separate bedrooms is in order to avoid divorce.

“Sleep in different rooms does not exclude emotional closeness of the partners — says psychologist from new York Tamara Greene. — Moreover, this practice does not affect the quality of sexual relations, and in some cases even strengthens the relationship. People get a chance to rest, they never tire of each other at night, you can visit the room each other, to resurrect old feelings and excitement. This is absolutely the right decision in that case, if you sleep with a loved one brings you a welcome rest and recuperation”.

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