Psychologists have described why we need more hugging

Психологи рассказали, почему нужно чаще обниматься

American scientists conducted a study and came to the conclusion that a simple hug can not only improve mood and cause joy, but also a beneficial effect on the internal processes of the body.

The experiment involved a group of girls aged 7 to 12 years. Their task was to give a speech in front of an audience before and after the embrace. The study revealed that girls who were embraced before the performance felt more confident and calm.

Scientists admit that the frequent hugs can not only positively affect the psychological state of the person, but also to prevent heart problems, in particular to protect against stroke and hypertension.

This form of physical proximity is beneficial for women, especially during menopause. With hugs you can handle the stress, headaches, and normalize blood pressure.

Scientists advise to cuddle as often as possible, because by such actions we demonstrate another person your support, love, understanding, and instead we get the same portion of positive emotions.

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